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7 Strategies to Increase Sales in 2020 Without Paying for the Ads

By Staff Reporter , Feb 26, 2020 12:12 PM EST

Having an e-commerce business might sound simple, but it involves several steps like planning, designing, coding, and executing the website. After the website is finally done, but the first thing you should consider investing in is ecommerce security. Without security, users will move away from your site in a few seconds. One of the most elegant ways to achieve this is investing in SSL certificates. You will also find cheapest SSL certificate from many SSL providers.

SSL certificates encrypt the data between the web servers and the clients so that it is impossible for the cybercriminals to sniff the information. Google has also made it mandatory to install SSL certificates to increase web security.

Once you are done with establishing a secured connection, then it is time to focus on the marketing strategies that will boost your sales and revenue. Marketing is like a pioneer task to your website. Attracting customers and acquiring them is nothing less than rocket science. 

Times have changed, and so the marketing trends for 2020. There are numerous paths to appeal to customers without paying for ads. When followed, it will give you great results.

Some of the marketing trends will help your company in many ways, such as:

  • To increase the online appearance of your brand
  • To drive potential customers
  • To promote sales and revenue for both old and new products.
  • To introduce and promote a new product to the market
  • To attract customers.

In this article, we will discuss the latest and trending marketing strategies to make your website an instant hit without having to pay for the ads.

1. Start a Blog

To start a blog is a great idea to keep the customer and client relationship intact. You can start a blog with the products of your website. You can post about the ongoing events on the website 

You can get subscribers daily and thus can follow you through newsletters. You can start the blog to keep your customers interactive. You can help them with all the queries, and you can be an excellent resource for them. 

2. Build a Well-known YouTube Channel:

YouTube, yes. Even kids search for their requirements online through YouTube. As we all know that video conveys better than anything, start a YouTube channel about your brands, products, how to do tutorials, post related stuff, and keep the audience engaged.

If you know YouTube is the second most-watched website after Google, this platform will be a great deal for your business by creating the visibility of your brands, your products, and services. For example, if yours is a fashion and beauty website. Then you can add the content related to beauty tips, skincare, best trending skincare regime, latest dress fashion, and many more.

It will be of great advantage if you categorize the content as how-to, reviews, making recipes, success stories, and customer messages, and so on. You will see a fantastic rise in the traffic, only trick to keep the audience interesting.

3. Get Visible on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the trending social platform. Initially, it started as a job searching platform or a job portal. You can also add connections relevant to your work profile. You can send out requests to accept you.

Now, it is a step further. You can utilize this LinkedIn to engage all the potential business heads. If you are into B2B marketing, then LinkedIn is essential. Make sure all the profile information on your website is up to date. Keep it professional and share the valuable posts and look for the chances that people hire your organization.

4. Ask Clients for Referrals

As you are aware, it is a common practice that we refer to as our friends or family. You can ask existing clients to get recommendations. You can run a fun contest or give away free vouchers or gifts for every reference your client gets. This is a way to increase the circle and business sales.

You can provide them your email address and contact number for any suggestions. The best way to make yourself visible in Google is to make rapid improvements over your business and always keep your website attractive and exciting.

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to help your business grow. The experts can share their thoughts and experience on your website in their own words. A well-written blog draws the audience and target the customers. 

There will be an increase in the traffic rates of your website as you can leverage the platform with a guest blog. You can grow your brand along with increasing the business leads.

6. Video Marketing: 

Video marketing has already occupied a significant role in the advertising industry. In the next three to five years, video marketing will take up a crucial part of advertising to increase the business. 

According to the market analysis, it is a must to have a video marketing in your digital marketing in this year 2020 to show up the numbers. Including a video instantly increase the craze, and the viewers will find engaging in the video. 

  • 70% of consumers have uploaded and shared a video of their brand.
  • 72% of businesses agree that video has improved the conversion rates of the website.
  • As per Forbes Insight report, 65% of executives said that they visit the marketer's website, and roughly about 39% call a vendor after watching the video.

   7.Influencer Marketing:


This is the latest trend in marketing. Influencer marketing is one of the most sorted out ways of marketing as famous personalities, well-known celebrities' market your business.

These influencers might be from any field like sports, films, art, and music. People are well connected and regularly on Facebook on Instagram. Their words will be of a great boost to the sales, and the will business connections are established. 

Let us see the lesser-known facts about influencer marketing: 

  • 63% of consumers believe in celebrities or influencers than the actual brand endorses advertisements.
  • 58% of people have a new product because of influencer marketing.
  • Also, research shows that at least35% of mothers trust online videosthan the other conventional ads of the brands and the products.


The above discussed seven marketing strategies will help you to push the sales, services, and products to the next level and for an extended period. Remember, the audience wants variety and unique concepts. These old-fashioned ads will not catch the attention, and the audience tends to forget the ads as soon as they are finished. 

It would help if you filled in the small gap between the audience and the marketing trends to keep up your business. Communication and interaction with customers is a crucial aspect to keep in mind to plan the strategies further. With the above steps, you should be able to know the audience's pulse and what they expect and want.

Keep meeting the expectation of the customers, and no doubt, you will see an increased hike in sales and revenues in your business and goodwill in the industry.

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