How to Get 1000 Followers for Your Small Business in a Month

How to get 1000 followers for your small business in a month
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Whether you are a small business company that wants to work on your Instagram account, winning new followers is a daunting task. Increasing the number of followers should not be at the expense of the quality of the latter.

Indeed, the goal is above all to be able to use this community to work on your image but also, why not, to boost your business. Today we are going to offer you simple techniques to increase your number of Instagram followers in a relevant way and above all to create a community around your brand.

While there are no magic recipes for earning followers on Instagram by next month, there are a few best practices that can save precious time. Sometimes white hat, tolerated by Instagram, sometimes a black hat, not recommended by the network, these methods will be of great help to you.

Find the best influencers for your marketing.


With good quality content, you can become a household name in no time! Attract influencers to share your posts with their community. Travel lovers, passionate about new technologies, fashion addicts, and many other categories of users, can participate in your Instagram influence campaign, due to influencers.

While this has become the gold rush for many companies, working with influencers cannot be improvised, and it takes the minimum efforts to try to take advantage of the communities of these internet giants. Once in contact with the influencer, you will, on the one hand, have to find an axis that will make it possible to succeed in finding elements that give to this collaboration a "business" interest to your business.

The visual is king

A photo or a visual on Instagram must be worked at a minimum. There is fierce competition, and if you want to stand out, it will at least be necessary to work on your photos. Light, colors, construction are all elements on which you will have to focus your attention. It is not necessarily obligatory to call upon professional photographers, but you will still be asked to think about your photos and create the staging before posting your file. When you are going to post the photos, don't forget to add a creative caption with it.

Post regularly

Although the lifetime of an Instagram post is not as short as that of a tweet, you will still need to post regularly on your news feed to be sure to ensure the loyalty of your audience. At least, it will be necessary to share online 3 to 4 posts per week, ideally.

Quality rather than quantity

Whatever happens, know that the relevance of the number of your followers on Instagram is primarily due to their engagement. Having a large community is one thing, but its value is measured by its responsiveness and its involvement following your social posts. So don't compromise the quality over quantity.

Work on your hashtags to increase your Instagram followers.

A good way to gain followers on Instagram is to be mentioned on certain hashtags that you have created, but especially that already exist and are popular. So, when Internet users search for specific themes on this social network, you will be able to highlight them. Be careful not to misuse this system by playing on popular hashtags that have nothing to do with your account. Also, create your branded hashtags to get more eyes on your content.

Do advertising campaigns


Just like Facebook, Instagram gives you the opportunity to advertise in its application. So there are several ways you can do this. Through the advertising manager, you have the choice of making a photo, video, carousel, or even story ad. You then choose your objective, target audience, duration, and advertising budget, before publishing everything.

Activate notifications


We will see in the next points, activity and responsiveness are determining criteria in the success of your Instagram business account. But to be reactive, you still have to be informed when something happens on your account. Make sure to turn on notifications to respond to your audience when they engage with you on Instagram. Staying accessible and responsive will help you strengthen your customers' engagement with your business. 

Respond to comments

Your reputation can quickly be at stake if you don't take the time to respond to comments. It is one of the strong axes of all social networks, this interactivity which certainly is time-consuming but allows Internet users to feel closer to your business. It is one of the only ways that allow them to communicate "directly" with you in a non-commercial way for most of the time. So take the time to respond to comments, it will improve your image.

Share your customers' content

In marketing, we often talk about Paid, owned, and earned media. Concretely, it is the visibility that you can acquire in different ways by paying for it (advertising), your popularity, and especially the part that interests us that you can "win." The posts that your followers will make in connection with your brand will be free visibility that you will be able to exploit and amplify simply by sharing this content.


Like their content

What could be better than loving what people do about your brand? Then you kill two birds with one stone! You value the users of your company, but in addition, you let all your followers know. Thus, you have a good chance of winning a new share of followers who know you but are not following you yet.



Instagram has no secrets for your business.


That's it, if you've gotten this far, you know enough to create, optimize, and manage your corporate Instagram account! Do not hesitate to find out more about Instagram's algorithm in order to improve your knowledge of this platform. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes that content that receives more engagement (like, comment and share). When it comes to news feed ranking, comments, likes, re-shares, video views play an important role. So spend more time posting regularly as it improves your engagement ratio and it a signal to Instagram algorithm that you are an authentic account.

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