Top Quality Applications Students Can Use in Their Studies

Top Quality Applications Students Can Use in Their Studies
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The rate at which technology is transitioning the education system and how a student gets to study is exceptional. Learning has been simplified in many ways, and now college students can do a lot by just the use of applications. In a bid to enlighten you more, we have compiled a number of the many iOS and Android apps for you. They may help you minimize time, stay on the right track, and improve your creativity in studying and presentations. The applications work well on android phones and laptops and can easily access notes in any platforms at all times.

These applications have been sorted out based on time management, studying, exercises, job hunting, and research work, and group project handling. Do not sweat on the small projects and activities; learn more on how to use the below apps for efficiency and productivity.


Physics is one of the subjects that involve equations and a lot of calculations. Well, the PhysicsProf app is a library that contains physics equations. It helps users to solve a hard math equation by pressing on a click button. You can also input values. It also helps the user to solve hard physics equations by correcting equations through the use of data input.

Besides, it provides further information on how the equation has been solved by the use of a step by step explanation for easy understanding. It can alter different value units to provide a different challenge for students. It is made up of five topic units, with each topic having a variety of equations up to level 16 from GCSE. It can be used on iPhone and iPad.

REad EyE

The application aims at making the reading of text simple for students. Although it was first designed in Japan, it's based on the English language. To utilize the app, first copy the text you want to read from either an essay writer website or webpage on the phone.

Then open your application. After that, you will be able to read your text as it passes across your phone's screen at a controlled pace. Besides, the app helps students to improve their reading speed since they can adjust the pace and read their text quicker. Therefore, if you have a reading problem, then this could be the best app for you. You can use it on any iPhone or iPad.

Animotica: Video Editor and Movie Maker

This software app was developed to help students in the film creation edit their videos with ease. It is an easy video editing tool, movie making, and slideshows video creator. It contains all the traditional tools found in high-level software for video editing like:

  • Split
  • Add music
  • Color adjustment
  • Video trimming
  • Combining videos & photos
  • Scaling and rotation
  • Addition of voiceovers

It is available for free download but is restricted on some video content and presentations. On subscription, the user can access all the tools on the application. It has no application adverts and can be used by all age brackets except for children below three. It is available in more than five languages. 


The application was developed to help students in graphic projects and creating plans for sites through its visualization tool. It can be used to create buildings, road paths, and vehicles that can be scheduled. You can apply it in project management, city designing, and site plan mapping, infrastructure transportation. It has improved the use of computer-aided design. It has no ads or in-app purchases. It has a well-designed interface customized for the industry. It is recommended for students above the age of 13 years.

Tonal Harmony Analysis

The tonal analysis app allows the user to use a variety of range inputs of different tonal chords. They then can use them to identify sustainable chords progressions. Also, it gives the user the analysis of chords progression used, which offers some options of ranges. The app analyses the option and then identify whether if it can work with other harmonics analysis regulations.

Furthermore, it identifies potential matters related to any chords and harmony and provides an explanation for easy understanding and makes sustainable choices. It is an epic application, especially for A level academic students. Notably, the many rules they have to learn, and most students lose creativity and hard to teach.

The above applications are but a few of the many which are useful for students. However, without adequately utilizing their customized tools, it is hard to benefit from their potential. Research more on the other related applications and make use of them.  

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