Great Cruise Technology Tips For Your Next Sea Vacation

By Eric Hamilton , Mar 12, 2020 03:06 PM EDT

The average person will pick up their phone 58 times every day. And all those phone sessions add up to an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes. 

If you're in denial about your cell phone usage, you may be tempted to take an "unplugged" vacation. But, you don't need to unplug totally to live in the moment and enjoy a cruise. In fact, there are many times when technology can help improve your vacation. 

Keep reading to discover great cruise technology tips to help you enjoy your next vacation. 

Use Airplane Mode

If you're taking an international cruise, the number one tip to remember is to set your phone in Airplane mode before your ship leaves the dock. 

When you're traveling in the middle of the sea, your phone will be unable to find service. Instead, many phones will "roam" or constantly search for a connection. This can lead to costly charges on your monthly phone bill. 

While on Airplane mode, you won't be able to make traditional phone calls or use text communication. Instead, you'll want to utilize the next tip for your communications while on board.  

Splurge for On-Board Internet

Even though your phone is on Airplane mode, that doesn't mean you can't access the internet while onboard. One of the best modern cruise amenities is the availability of on-board internet. 

Just like your drink package or excursion tickets, an internet package is essential for the best trip possible. After all, what good is splurging on a Celebrity Cruises Bahamas cruise experience if you can't post the photos to your Instagram? 

Most cruise ships offer different internet packages, ranging from a limited number of minutes each day to an unlimited plan. You'll want to be realistic when choosing your package because adding on any extra data could get costly. 

Download Your Cruise Line's App

Cruise ship technology has adapted to the digital age through smartphone applications. Search the app store for your cruise line and download the app. From there, enter your cruise information and you'll have a customized app. 

This app will contain all the information you need for the best trip possible. It will include any reservations you've made and possibly keep a tally of your charges. In addition, you'll have a digital version of the day's schedule available wherever you go. 

The best part about these apps is that they can be accessed and used without an internet package. Just make sure to download the app before the ship sets sail and follow the connection instructions so that the app stays up to date. 

Beyond the Best Cruise Technology Tips

Using these three cruise technology tips, you can make the most of your vacation. 

Just remember to live in the moment and don't let yourself mindlessly scroll your vacation away. Instead, give yourself time limits or certain periods of the day when you can use your phone. Other than those moments, your phone use should be limited to taking photos and staying up to date with the cruise app. 

Wondering what tech tips may improve your daily life after you return to shore? Visit the Tech section of this site for more great content. 

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