The Latest Internet of Things News and Trends

By Eric Hamilton , Mar 16, 2020 11:26 AM EDT
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The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most talked-about innovations in the tech world. And with every passing day, it is evolving and reaching a new stage. IoT is playing an essential role in the development of businesses and is also changing how they are functioning. All the industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, logistics, and transportation, have been enjoying the benefits of IoT technologies. Let's have a look at what is new in the domain of IoT and what trends are being followed.

IoT's Growth and Power of Connectivity 

The latest trend in the IoT is that the number of connected devices is increasing. This means that the amount of data one can have access to through this network will also increase. All of us are already leading a lifestyle in which we like to stay connected all the time. IoT is only adding to that. This does not only improve the interaction between humans, but by having all these devices connected globally can provide us ease in our day to day tasks as well. Nowadays, there are a large number of IoT devices out there. From smart security to smart furniture, you can get a lot of innovative tools. Making your workplace IoT friendly is an excellent way of enhancing its productivity. You can check the Teknion store if you are looking to buy smart furniture or accessories for your workplace.

IoT Security is improving

IoT has also enhanced security by exposing the loopholes in the connectivity solutions. For example, if you are using WiFi, you are not secure at all, and the devices you are using are more vulnerable. The good thing is that the work can be started on these things by following GDPR. This encourages the user or the organization to keep track of all the devices that are connected. This ultimately contributes to improving security.

Blockchain Technology and IoT

When you are talking about IoT, you cannot miss out on blockchain technology, as it is one of the trending applications of IoT. It opens the opportunity of exchanging money and valuable data through an IoT device. And it is not far away, once the blockchain technology provides IoT devices with a more straightforward and safe infrastructure for money and data exchange. The soft nature of IoT matches that of the decentralized blockchain. But the security on the blockchain is much more reliable and it offers anonymity as well. The bridge between these two will make IoT much more secure in the future.

5G Networks

The introduction of 5G networks has been game-changing. In 2020 many systems across the globe will be using 5G networks, and that will increase the number of IoT devices as well. Both 5G and IoT are being called a revolution in the tech industry, and together they can transform our techs remarkably. 5G does not only provide much faster Internet, but it also offers better security. It has already changed the way businesses are marketing and streamlining their products. Together IoT and 5G can help us build high tech products, like vehicle networks and even smart cities.

Businesses are Investing IoT

The number of companies that are investing in IoT is increasing every day. The implementation of IoT in any business guarantees a much better and smoother customer experience. Business expenditure on IoT has already surpassed the total sum of  the consumer spending on IoT devices. Big brands have already realized the importance of IoT, and they are pouring their money into this technology. The industries that will benefit from this technology the most are health care, retail, and consumer sector.

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