What Are the Main Types of PCB Connectors and Their Uses?

By Staff Reporter , Mar 16, 2020 04:00 PM EDT
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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are one of the most important components used in electronics today. They may be tiny, but they're extremely complex and there are a number of different types available.

Here, we'll look at what a PCB connector is and the different types available.

What is a PCB connector?

A PCB connector is a printed circuit board. It can be made from composite epoxy, fibreglass or some other form of laminate material. They are used in numerous electrical components like computers, beepers and radios.

Depending upon the application, different types of PCB connectors can be used. So, what are the different types available?

What are the different types available?

When you shop for PCB connectors via RS Components, you'll find there are a lot of different types available. The type you need will depend upon where you are planning on using it.

The different types of connectors available include:

-Single sided

-Double sided




The single sided variations are the most basic printed circuit boards. They contain one layer of base or substrate material which is covered with a layer of metal. This helps to conduct the electricity. They also come with a protective solder mask and silk screen coat. They are inexpensive and best used in power sensors, electronic toys and relays.

The double-sided variations have two layers of base or substrate materials covered with a metal layer. There are holes featured in the board to enable metal parts to be attached to both sides. They enable more circuits to be attached to them than the single sided variations. They can also be used in a wide variety of applications such as test equipment, power monitoring and amplifiers.

Multi-layer PCBs which feature more than two copper layers. They are compact in size and offer a high level of design flexibility. They are particularly used within high-speed circuits. Flexible PCBs make use of a flexible base material and they can come in single, multi or double layered varieties. They are typically used in areas with temperature concerns. Rigid PCBs are constructed from rigid materials and cannot be bent. They are typically used to make repair and maintenance easier.

These are just some of the main types of PCBs on the market and where they can be used. Before purchasing a PC, it's important to understand what type you need. Whichever type you want to invest in, you'll find them at affordable prices online.

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