Serial Entrepreneur Jason Kulpa Shares Five Ways to Change Your Mindset When You’re Struggling as an Entrepreneur

By Joseph West , Mar 17, 2020 03:28 PM EDT
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An entrepreneur's life can be daunting; business owners often wear multiple hats and have to focus on building their brand and business and keeping it afloat. Pursuing your own business can wear you thin, both mentally and physically. That is why mindset is everything when it comes to finding success and happiness as an entrepreneur.

Jason Kulpa, successful entrepreneur, believes that our internal dialogue is the driving force behind our mindsets, and our mindsets are what feed into our behavior. When you are struggling as an entrepreneur, whether you have hit a wall of business issues or fallen into a perpetual mental rut, reflect on who you are and who you want to be as a person and a business owner. 

The first step towards taking your entrepreneurial journey head-on is changing your mindset to who you want to be, compared to who you are now. That's what an entrepreneurial mindset is all about: always striving to grow through conquering challenges, making confident decisions, and welcoming the outcome to any situation. Below, Mr. Kulpa shares five ways to alter your mindset in that very direction:

1. Stop focusing on the money


Money is a crucial factor in any running business. However, money isn't everything. Have a clear financial goal to meet your needs, but focus more on the passion you have behind your business and its mission. You will find a longer-lasting and more fulfilling motivation there.

2. Take on a positive mindset


Positivity, with a dose of reality, is essential when challenges come your way daily. You will be surprised that by focusing your mindset on the positive side of things, problems will slowly start to seem like open doors for opportunity.

3. Pretend you know what you are doing

It is not uncommon for an entrepreneur to feel as if every day presents itself with a new learning curve. It is essential to educate yourself on your business continually, but at times when you convince yourself that you are uneducated and fall short due to a lack of self-assurance, pretend to know what you are doing. You will learn along the way and build the confidence an entrepreneur's mind needs.

4. Feel the fear, and do it anyways


Fear can hold a human back from, well, anything. As an entrepreneur, fear will be present often if you allow it. Practice building a courageous mindset. It would help if you took on any challenge by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 

5. Stay inspired


Inspiration is the key to staying motivated. Whether you choose to look up to a mentor or wake up daily to new motivational quotes, feeling inspired will only push you forward to grow, as well as your business. Never forget why you started your business in the first place, and where you dream of it to go.


About Jason Kulpa


Jason Kulpa is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of, San Diego's Fastest Growing Business multi-year award winner, and a Certified Great Place to Work multi-year winner. Mr. Kulpa is a San Diego's two-time winner of the Most Admired CEO Award of the San Diego Business Journal and also a semi-finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award. Under Mr. Kulpa's leadership, in 2018, his teams volunteered at over 24 events and worked side-by-side to improve the San Diego community. They hosted a gala dinner benefiting individuals with autism, cheered on Special Olympic athletes as they broke their records on the track, and brought school supplies and cold-weather gear to students impacted by homelessness. Jason's mission to bring awareness, support, and inclusion for special needs causes.


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