The Pros and Cons of Using Dating Sites and Dating Apps

By Eric Hamilton , Mar 26, 2020 11:11 AM EDT
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Online dating is a growing trend with a large majority of people trying it to find a partner using the internet. With some quality sites such as, singles can now find romance by seeking men, women, bisexuals, matures, sugar daddies and mommies and anyone else with what turns them on. 

While the trend is growing stronger by the day, people still share dating stories full of frustration and confusion. Each one highlights how using dating sites and apps has drawbacks as well as advantages.  

How online dating turns out for individuals depends on the site they join and the effort they put into getting to know potential dates before they meet. Here are some of the most obvious pros and cons surrounding online dating sites and apps.

  • One of the biggest benefits is that singles gain access to thousands of potential partners they just wouldn't meet in daily life. 

  • Another advantage is finding matches for unique preferences. This is the draw for people seeking partners of a certain type or with a particular orientation or lifestyle. 

  • At the more mechanical level, online dating sites work as the traditional matchmakers did - only now the matches are sorted by algorithms using data from profiles and personality tests to match compatible individuals. 

  • Being able to connect with a potential date before meeting lowers the risks around meeting a stranger. One of the greatest benefits is that you can get to know potential dates over low stress and relatively risk-free texting. Meeting new dates this way is a blessing for people with busy working lives and saves wasting time on pointless dates.

So, here are the drawbacks.

  • The availability of so many potential partners can be a boon or bane. You could be offered many choices and sorting the wheat from the chaff becomes time-consuming and confusing. Without a plan, singles can end up trapped with the idea of finding the 'perfect' partner who ticks all their boxes rather than meeting individuals who are more realistically compatible. 

  • While sites try their best, it's sometimes not possible to find truly accurate matches and this often leads to frustration. It's what makes some people say that online dating sites are fake and ineffective. The issue is more about expectations. 

  • Most sites have no effective way to determine the authenticity of a profile instead they have membership fees that deter most scammers. Even so, this doesn't identify people who lie on their profiles.

Despite the cons, most singles choose to put profiles online. There's virtually no other way for many working adults to find and meet a potential date. Certainly, joining an online dating service used to be a bit hit and miss. Small databases threw out matches that were not even close at random. Online dating is a huge social industry now and dating site members run into the millions on popular sites since the advances in big data storage and the algorithms that can handle sorting through incredibly vast amounts of data. There might be horror stories in the modern dating world, but there are just as many tales of lasting online romance. In these modern times, it's become usual to find true love in a chatroom provided you look hard enough.   

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