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How to Find the Seedbox You Need

By Staff Reporter , Mar 30, 2020 06:22 PM EDT

When you need to download large data files quickly, you want to take advantage of the use of a seedbox. Instead of taking hours to download, which will slow your Internet speed, the seedbox won't affect it. Having the right one will give you many advantages and flexibility in how you use the files or movies. 

Advantages of a Seedbox

A seedbox will give you several advantages over having to download via the standard Internet. They include:

  • Avoids risking excessive download limits

When you use the regular Internet to download large files, such as movies, one problem that you'll likely face is exceeding download limits from your ISP. Since your ISP does watch how much data consumption you use, your account will likely surpass the limits. Since they aim to ensure that their users get a fair share, your speed may be reduced. Look for a seedbox that offers unlimited data transfer. 

  • May offer private downloading

A seedbox that offers either public or private downloading can be obtained. Public downloading allows anyone using the same system to be able to know what you've downloaded. There's no privacy. A private one doesn't allow tracking, but most of them also have the disadvantage of only being able to join by invitation.

A good seedbox company will also give you a virtual private network (VPN), but you may pay extra for it. A VPN will make your downloads and data secure by encrypting them. It also enables you to hide your IP address and change it, mask your location, and hide your download history. 

Play on any device.

Once you've completed the download, you can use software that's available through the seedbox to play it. It can be played on any device, and it's compatible with all of the major browsers.

A dedicated seedbox

The ultimate in seedboxes is to get a dedicated one. This assures that you have the bandwidth you need at any time of day or night. It also gives you dedicated resources. They are ideal for hosting websites that have high traffic and can also be used as servers for gaming. 

Customers with a dedicated seedbox also have the advantage of being able to use the servers for Shoutcast. Shoutcast enables you to conduct your own radio-type show through the Internet, and they can handle high volumes of traffic. The seedbox may also enable you to get Teamspeak, which is similar to a conference call.

Software availability

There's so much more you can do with a quality seedbox and VPN. Many more options are available through any additional software that comes with the package. Look for a seedbox provider that enables software options to be added with the click of a button, or it may be difficult to install it. A company should offer a wide variety of many types of software that will work on it. 

DediSeedbox provides excellent seedbox options and many kinds of software. They are located in the Netherlands, which can also give you an advantage in helping to hide your location. You can choose between a VPS seedbox and a dedicated seedbox to meet your needs. There are no contracts - you pay per month for what you want. 

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