Breast milk flavored lollipops, Lollyphile's new creation

Lollyphile, Austin's candy-making company, seems to have broken all the conventional laws of flavor experimentation in candy making, and have put together new breast milk-flavored lollipops.

While the company is already known for its experimentation in flavors, with lollipops in habanero tequila, chocolate bacon, White Russian and more, the breast milk flavor seems to be one of its most wackiest creations ever.

Jason Darling, owner and founder of Lollyphile, admits that he came across this idea when he watched his friends interact with their own children.

"I would hand them back to their moms and their moms just instantly, plug them in and start feeding them and just like that, they're so happy. They're so content," Darling explained. "I wanted to know what that flavor was...that was so satisfying and it had been so long since I'd had breast milk."

These lollipops are completely vegan, and are not made up of breast milk, but in fact, is a clever experimentation of flavors to replicate the actual flavor of breast milk, Darling added.

With the help of a few lactating mothers, Jason managed to put together a one-of-a-kind flavor for his lollipops. As expected, this new flavor has spurred a lot of controversy and debate, but that didn't stop people from buying it; with just three days into the market, over a several thousand pieces have already been sold.

Kristine Cook, a lactating mother and blogger, among other women, feels that this new flavor may not be a good idea.

"Public breast feeding is something that many women can't even do without getting harassed and it's almost kind of, like, makes a mockery of the situation to walk around with a lollypop, just doing it Willy-nilly without any concern about the implications," she explained. "What really made it so offensive to me is...when you take this idea of breast feeding and you commodity that for the general public to kind of triggers up that really defensive, kind of soap boxy feminist in me."

To this, Darling claims "I'm not trying to sexualize lollypops. I'm trying to sell them."

Motives apart, when it comes to taste, Darling seems to have nailed it.

For all those wanting to get a taste of this lolly, its available online for $10 for a pack of 4 lollies.

What's more, Darling has snuck out a bit of extra information - a new wacky flavor is expected to debut soon.

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