This Bluethooth-enabled App Will Let You Know If You’ve Been in Contact with COVID-19 Patients

By Krisana E. , Apr 10, 2020 08:41 PM EDT
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Researchers at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory have already overcome an iOS and Android interoperability issue that can make a bluetooth contact tracing app possible, the Science Times reported. The application called Private Kit: Safe Paths will make the coronavirus contact tracking app able to trace proximity with other people who uses Bluetooth.

How does it work?

The app- logs location history using GPS for 28 days. When two devices running the app are in close proximity this app records the data with the help of Bluetooth.

Notifications are sent to people nearby when a person tests positive for COVID-19. Soon, Safe Paths will be able to share any occurrences of contact between two people that happened within 14 days.

The Private Kit: Safe Paths team is currently in talks with more than 30 different countries, including India, Italy, Germany, and Vietnam according to the project lead and MIT associate professor Ramesh Raskar.

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