Microsoft and SEGA? Leaked June 14 E3 2020 Ad Suggests They Could Be Working Together

Microsoft and SEGA? Leaked June 14 E3 2020 Ad Suggests These Companies Could Be Working Together
Microsoft and SEGA? Leaked June 14 E3 2020 Ad Suggests These Companies Could Be Working Together Photo : Screenshot From Kaio 10 YouTube Channel

Rumors. Rumors. Rumors. It is that time of the year again where rumors start flying left and right and now that the esteemed E3 2020 gaming conference has been canceled due to COVID-19, gamers are left to dig up around the internet to find out the truth about Microsoft and SEGA.

One rumor that has been circulating the internet is that of Microsoft and SEGA preparing an interesting joint announcement together! This rumor stems from a leaked E3 2020 ad, which actually features the Xbox Game Studios as well as the SEGA logo beside each other with a caption that says "Power Your Dreams" beneath!

The ad leak

The ad is set for June 14, 9am PDT 12pm EST and although this information "looks" very much reliable according to HappyGamer, Microsoft and SEGA have not yet given their comments on this matter.

This said June 14 date actually does match up the date for the upcoming E3 where the announcement could actually have originally been scheduled right before the cancelations. Along with other of most recent moves by Microsoft in order to make the Xbox even more popular in Japan, the release of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service then launches tomorrow and a partnership with SEGA is also very far from out of the question.

Of course, the E3 has also stated that they would not be holding any sort of online replacement for their upcoming 2020 showcase, deciding instead to allow the developers to "do their own thing." It is quite likely that there was something which both Microsoft and Sega wanted to announce according to HappyGamer which points out that "they would certainly be preparing a joint statement now."

The circulating rumor

There have been a lot of people discarding this rumor saying that it is a fake statement that is being spread by 4chan users just for fun but other fans of both companies have expressed their excitement saying that SEGA definitely needs another console to develop for and that they are totally excited to see so much backing being put behind the company.

Other responses include those of dismay, having seen what companies acquired by Microsoft tend to turn out like.

Of course, the speculations can only be confirmed or denied once either of the companies have issued their own statements regarding the matter. Perhaps in the few weeks to come, SEGA or Microsoft will then come out in order to clarify if there are possible intentions existing for either companies.

Either way, with the E3 2020 canceled, it is most likely that these companies will be giving a statement in order to make up for the cancellation of E3 2020.

Only Microsoft and SEGA now has the authority to tell fans if this is actually happening or not but there is still an indefinite date as to when this announcement may be or if this announcement is actually coming.

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