"I NEED MORE BEER!!" 93-Year-Old Given 10 Cases of Coors Light Beer after Going Viral With Beer Sign

"I NEED MORE BEER!!" 93-Year-Old Given 10 Cases of Coors Light Beer after Going Viral With Beer Sign
"I NEED MORE BEER!!" 93-Year-Old Given 10 Cases of Coors Light Beer after Going Viral With Beer Sign Photo : Screenshot From Yong Khor @YongKhor1 Twitter Profile

While the whole world seems to be functioning at a very gloomy pace, a certain 93-year-old cracked up the internet a little bit by holding up a sign that says "I NEED MORE BEER!!" amidst coronavirus quarantine where citizens are encouraged to stay at home.

The 93-year-old Olive Veronesi has gone viral throughout the internet with tens of thousands of vies and shares and as her sign has started to capture attention, she suddenly received 10 cases for cracking everybody up! The story was reported on WZTV Fox 17 News, Nashville.

The viral stunt

It seems like Olive Veronesi got what she wanted because since she started becoming trending around the internet, some folks working at Molson Coors were able to pick up word of this request and decided they wanted Olive's wish to come true!

The folks at Molson Coors decided to drop off 10 cases of beer right in front of her own doorstep in Pennsylvania giving her exactly what she needed and maybe even a little too much. It's quite hard to argue as to whether or not Olivia Veronesi could be capable of finishing all those beers to herself but at least she got what she wanted.

The whole stunt that became viral was received with positivity and even laughter as the folks online started sharing this picture nonstop as some of them could relate with Olive Veronesi's current situation. Veronesi was definitely just one of those people who were craving for beer but it still looks pretty entertaining when a 93-year-old requests for more beer as opposed to a teenager.

Social distancing and the urge to stay indoors

As the coronavirus spreads rampant on the streets, citizens are advised to stay indoors and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. Another ongoing problem is that it has become way too hard to go to the supermarket because of the long lines and the limited amount of shoppers allowed.

It is understandable that the 93 year old would do her best to avoid this hassle and stay at home where she is safe and comfortable at the same time. Except, she still needs more beer! This viral stunt is a fun story of how a 93 year old got what she wanted despite restaurants being closed, events being cancelled, and the danger of stepping outside has become adamant.

The 93 year old got what she wanted

Shortly after Olive Veronesi got the 10 cases of beer that were delivered to her doorstep by the folks at Molson Coors, she then decided to make another sign go viral but this time, the sign confirmed that she had received the beer!

Olive Veronesi then held up a sign that said "GOT MORE BEER!" in an attempt to thank the folks that fulfilled her request! The 93 year old looks really happy with a big smile and a Coors light in hand as she holds up her new sign.


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