The Best Things to Get for Your New Mazda

The Best Things to Get for Your New Mazda
Photo : The Best Things to Get for Your New Mazda

When you purchase a new Mazda, it comes with a lot of bells and whistles. There are so many great features in new cars these days, that it's hard to imagine that you could need to get anything else for your car. However, there are a few great additions you can make to your car that will help to protect your new Mazda and make it even better. Here are just a few suggestions that you may want to consider:

An Exterior Cover

To start, you should think about getting an exterior cover. New cars typically come with a clear coat on top of the paint that will protect it against minor scrapes and sun damage, but that doesn't mean your car is impervious to damage. With an exterior car cover, you can protect your new Mazda from bad weather when it's sitting in your driveway. You simply throw the cover over it before any major rain or snowstorms to protect it against things like hail, debris in the wind, or possibly even broken tree limbs. 

Floor Mats

If your new Mazda didn't come with rubber floor mats, you will want to invest in some. Rubber floor mats not only protect the floor of your car better from things like dirt and water you drag in on your shoes, but they are easier to clean off as well. Imagine running into your car during a major rainstorm. The floor of your car will now be covered in mud. If you have the standard fabric floor cover, the mud will seep in and be hard to clean. With rubber mats, you just take them out and hose them off. When searching for rubber floor mats, make sure you get ones that are designed specifically for your make and model of Mazda.

A Dash Cam

Dash cams are relatively new pieces of car technology that can help to protect you in the event of an accident. Here's how they work. Dash cams are tiny cameras that you install on your car's dashboard. They run all the time, filming the road ahead of you as you drive. If you then get into an accident, the dashcam will record the incident for you, so that you have proof if needed. This can be particularly useful if there is an argument over who caused the accident or if the other driver tries to flee the scene. 

Radar Detector

No matter how good of a driver you are, we have all been in situations where we go over the speed limit. To make sure you aren't doing this at the right time, you can add a radar detector to your new Mazda. A radar detector will constantly scan the area around you, alerting you when it detects the radar guns used by police officers. Once it goes off, you'll know to slow it down. Radar detectors therefore not only help you avoid a speeding ticket, but are a good reminder to drive slower. 

Extended Warranty

Most new car purchases and leases come with some kind of warranty. However, this warranty typically ends well before you are done with the car. To give yourself some more protection, you should look into getting an extended warranty. Car repairs are often quite expensive and hard to afford since they happen randomly. With an extended warranty you'll have some more peace of mind. Just be sure to look for an extended warranty company that caters specifically to Mazda owners. To get started, you can check out this website -

Mobile Jump Starter

Lastly, one of the worst scenarios is when you go to start your car and realize the battery is dead. Maybe you left some headlights on the night before and now your battery is drained as you head to work. In situations like this, you have a few options. You could call for roadside assistance, which can take a long time to arrive at your location. Another option is to use another car, maybe from a friend or family member, and start your car using jumper cables. If you don't have anyone nearby or the right cables though, this option doesn't work.

To make sure you never get stranded with a dead battery, get yourself a mobile jump starter. These tiny packs will jump start your car and you can store them right in the glove compartment. Even better, they can also charge your mobile phone should that die while you're out. Pick one up, store it away, and if the time ever comes that you need it, you'll be glad you got it. 

A Few Accessories Go a Long Way

With some of the purchases above you can get the most out of your new Mazda and protect yourself against a variety of situations. Treat yourself and your new car right by investing in a few small accessories and you'll have a much better time driving around your new car.

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