Epic Games To Release New Free Games 'Just Cause 4' And 'Wheels of Aurelia' Next Week: Here's How To Claim!

Just Cause 4 by Square Enix
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The surge of active players has been steadily rising due to the continued social distancing guidelines. While most stay at home, a lot of people have more time for indoor activities such as gaming.

Several companies have begun contributing to the community by offering free access to some of their game titles. Epic Games is doing so with its usual weekly free games, whereby you'll have the chance to download 'Just Cause 4' and 'Wheels of Aurelia' for free and have complete access to the game indefinitely.

Next week's release, though, will see only one free game being available; 'For The King' but there's always the chance the management over at Epic decides to announce a last-minute addition to the options. The next round of free games will be available to download on April 23 at 8 a.m. PT.

The options for you to choose from

Just Cause 4 will most likely gain most people's interest, as it features a vast and immersive open-world you can explore. Head into the shoes of Rico Rodriguez and make your way to Solis to uncover the secrets of your past, while leaving destruction in your wake.

While Just Cause 4 will bring utter chaos to your big screen, Wheels of Aurelia has a bit of a different angle. The game has you travel along the western coast of Italy in the 1970s, trying to figure out a mysterious woman named Lella's past.

As this is a weekly thing by the game developer, their selection changes for next week with the rise of "For The King'. The game takes on a rogue-like RPG genre set in a fantasy world where you control a party of adventures and battle it out against monsters and foes, gaining strength, experience, and loot along the way.

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The fantasy world utilizes a turn-based grid battle system commonly seen on Japanese RPGs with a little bit of a twist. In For The King, you roll a 100-side die, which dictates how the flow of a battle goes, giving it that fresh tabletop game feeling.

Initially, For The King was in early access in 2017 and fully released the next year. It features a plethora of free campaigns for you to claw into, such as Dungeon Crawl, Frozen Expanse, and much much more!

The world and the entities within are also random for each playthrough, ensuring that you won't get bored with just finishing the game once, which is already a feat in and of itself.

How can I claim my free games?

Coming in at just a total of about $40, the two titles will be available until April 23, so gamers have enough time to think about wanting to add these games to their collection or not, but really, who wouldn't want to? They're free!

The games are available to download for free for any gamer, all you have to do is create an account over at Epic Games, and you'll be eligible for the sweet deal.

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