Hack and Win $100,000! League of Legends: Riot Games Challenges Hackers to Penetrate VALORANT's New Anti-Cheat System Vanguard

Time to Cheat! League of Legends: Riot Games Offers $100,000 Those Who Successfully Cheat Through VALORANT's Anti-Cheat System Vanguard
Time to Cheat! League of Legends: Riot Games Offers $100,000 Those Who Successfully Cheat Through VALORANT's Anti-Cheat System Vanguard Photo : Screenshot From tech How YouTube Channel

Ever since the Closed Beta launch that took place a couple of weeks ago, the hype surrounding the new game VALORANT has been quite extraordinary! In fact, it has already continued to reach over a million viewers on Twitch alone! Fans are even demanding that Riot Games and also the VALORANT team to release even more keys in an attempt to entertain viewers along with upcoming VALORANT hopefuls.

Along with the growth as well as the hype unfortunately comes an opportunity for bugs and hackers to penetrate but Riot Games has assured its gamers that their new anti-cheat software, Vanguard would even easily eliminate any threats of hackers infiltrating their game.

In fact, they have even invited professional cheaters to try it out with a promise of $100,000 if the cheaters are able to break through their new security system.

Riot Games' confidence in their new system

Riot Games is still very confident with their new systems and has even posted a message on April 17th saying that the bottom line is that they would never let anything happen to their game and that if they were confident because they have "treated player privacy and security with the extreme seriousness they deserve."

Riot Games even went forward and listed how and why they are so confident along with how the players and users can also feel confident in this system.

Promises by Riot Games' Vanguard

Riot has ensured its users that Vanguard itself does not collect or even process any information given beyond what the current League of Legends anti-cheat solution is able to do. Even more specifically, Riot Games claim that they have no access to the data that is processed by Vanguard itself.

Riot Games also says that the driver does not actually collect or even send any information about the players computer to them. To top everything off, Riot Games has even announced that they will be offering up to $100,000 to anyone who is able to find certain security flaws in their system.

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According to Vanguard, "We want players to continue to play our games with peace of mind," continuing by explaining that they are putting their money on the line and that if players think that they have found any security flaws in Vanguard that would potentially harm the security and privacy of players, they should submit their report right away and avail for the big bounty payout!

In order to be able to claim this bounty, all you need to do is to hack into Vanguard and send in a detailed report about the hack to Riot Games' own security team on any existing security flaws that it might actually have.

While this has not yet been accomplished all of the VALORANT players out there should feel pretty confident in the new anti-cheat system as well as the fact that Riot Games itself has expressed how confident they are with the new Vanguard taking care of their security.

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