Rumors of a Cheaper Apple AirPods Pro Lite Suggests Its Release Next Week: Could This Be Better Than the Previous AirPods Pro at $249

AirPods Pro
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Apple has previously announced their iPhone SE which should be priced much cheaper compared to their regular iPhones that come out in the market. On Sunday, a well-known tech rumormonger named Jon Prosser, who is well known for his outstandingly accurate Apple forecasts on the YouTube channel called Front Page Tech, has just reported a new generation of AirPods ready to launch!

According to the tech rumormonger, the launch of these new Apple AirPods could happen as early as next month! This is something quite shocking to Apple fans since most of their launches come with a couple months of warning before it actually happens. The representatives from Apple have not given any immediate response to Mashable's request for a comment.

The ongoing rumor

According to Prosser himself, the surprise AirPonds were actually supposed to be announced back in March 31 during a supposed event by Apple that got canceled due to the pandemic. This announcement was supposed to come alongside other Apple products and updates as well.

Recently, Prosser has said that they are actually eyeing on debuting the product with an all-new 13-inch MacBook Pro later on in May. Prosser did not really offer any other juicy details regarding his source or his own prediction and has also said very little about what the expected product will entail.

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Although this announcement sounds like quite a good news for Apple fans, it should be noted that this actually appears to be separate from the speculated over-the-ear headphones announcement by Apple itself. The numerous tech analysts are currently treating Prosser's info as a sort of sign that an AirPods Pro Lite could happen!

According to the many sources of speculations, the AirPods Pro Lite (although the name was never officially confirmed by Apple themselves) would then give consumers a heads-up benefit of owning a second generation AirPods at a much cheaper price.

Right now, the AirPods Pro still sells for $249 from Apple and is considered by some as one of the most expensive wireless earphones out in the market. Well, this is nothing quite unusual for Apple since they have been already been leading in offering different expensive and luxury products.

The future of Apple

It seems like Apple is trying to go against the middle market of phone and phone accessory's prices with its upcoming iPhone SE and also the rumored AirPods Pro Lite. This could potentially make or break Apple as they have already been known by the market as a brand that carters to the upper middle and upper class.

There were mixed reviews regarding the new iPhone SE as it seems like just a downgrade to their previous iPhone models. Could the upcoming AirPods Pro Lite do the same?

The prices of Apple products are relatively high on the smartphone market even sparking a battle between smartphone users as to whether they would rather use an iOS or an Android system.

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