Apple's iPad Pro Gets an All New Magic Keyboard for $299! Is the Price Worth It?

Apple's iPad Pro Gets an All New Magic Keyboard for $299! Is the Price Worth It?
Apple's iPad Pro Gets an All New Magic Keyboard for $299! Is the Price Worth It? Photo : Screenshot From MrExitStrategy YouTube Channel

There have been a few videos going around the internet showing the Apple iPad's brand new magic keyboard! This series of videos circulating YouTube show a few aspects of the new keyboard accessory which is seen to be include the sturdiness of its hinge, its trackpad, how this setting works on the iPad, and many more!

The video even comes ahead of the shipment of this Magic Keyboard for customers who have already preordered it! If you have not yet heard about this Magic Keyboard, here's all you need to know.

The circulating videos online

The recent videos were spied by different Internet users during the weekend and have recently caught 9to5Mac's attention. These videos come from two different users where one set of these videos include the floating hinge design, a keyboard backlighting, a trackpad, and even a USB-C passthrough port for its charging, and much more.

Although some of the existing details are actually hard to gather from the videos alone, the hinge that is seen in the video looks really sturdy and stiff, this should enable the user to position their iPad Pro to a specific angle that they need, then even kick back and use the keyboard on their laps even without any catastrophic shifts or having to worry about it collapsing.

The users are seen to be able to adjust the brightness of this keyboard's own backlight by using the all new iPadOS Hardware Keyboard menu, where the auto-capitalization of the keyboard can actually be toggled on or off.


The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro

This upcoming Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro features an interesting scissor-based mechanism with a 1mm of travel. It is still quite hard to tell from the video how well it works in comparison to that of the laptop, but the typing experience certainly does appear to be quite substantial and even more robust compared to the previous folio-based keyboard.

Just like how Apple promised, the iPad actually magnetically attaches to the device's floating portion of the Magic Keyboard, which can later be adjusted to specific screen angles.

The all new USB-C passthrough port on this keyboard is specifically used for charging the iPad Pro, which means that the port on the tablet itself is actually free to use for certain things like attaching the USB thumb drives or even the hard drives and similar.

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It is currently unclear as to how many people have already preordered this Magic Keyboard and how early they are getting it, but it actually seems that Apple is currently on the ball with getting their shipments out!

This MagicKeyboard for Apple's 11 inch iPad Pro is currently available to order from Apple themselves for a price of $299 USD. Before you make a purchase, it would be better if you watch the video to thoroughly assess if you are really interested in getting yourself this Magic Keyboard.

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