Composer For Doom Eternal, Mick Gordon, Reportedly Didn't Have A Hand In The Final Works Of The Game And Might Be Leaving Because Of It

Doom Eternal
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The Doom reboot in 2016 by Bethesda had amazing soundtracks thanks to its composer Mick Gordon. Still, the newest title in the franchise, Doom Eternal, did not have Gordon do the final mixing, and he is not at all happy about it and is considering leaving the team for good.

Gordon's statement was made after a Twitter post by @thatACDCguy revealed a very different soundtrack when played by a proper audio program. It's as if all the different sounds are clashing together instead of blending well, similar to the 2016 prequel of the game.

And new awful news came in the form of a Reddit conversation, where one user reportedly asked Mick is he was to return and work with id software for another possible Doom game. The composer then replied he was doubtful they were going to move forward together.

A change of composition

The Twitter user @thatACDCguy shared his negative feedback with the change in the audio rendition of the game on which Gordon decided to reply to. The composer stated he wasn't involved in the mixing of most of the soundtrack and that it wouldn't have been the same if he was.

There has been no confirmation from Gordon regarding what steps they're going to take in the future or if they're still looking at a possible collaboration for the next title in the franchise.

Doom Eternal is an action-packed adventure game where you face the armies of hell who have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in this epic single-player masterpiece to finally put a stop to the final destruction of humanity.

The sequel also features a unique story plot, where you get to find out about the history and past of the Slayer, your character, and why he has come to become who he is.

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New mechanics

In the new Doom Eternal sequel, you have access to a state-of-the-art demon-killing technology, which includes the Doom Slayer's advanced Praetor Suit. The modern armor consists of durable plating, a blazing shoulder-mounted flamethrower, and a retractable wrist-mounted Doom Blade.

You also have access to more powerful firepower, consisting of the Super Shotgun with its brand-new distance-closing Meat Hook attachment. You also have new abilities like the Double Dash, which enables you to become even more versatile than before.

The original Doom game from 2016 revolutionized the Doom franchise. It brought about a reboot that let you experience the thrill of shooting down demonic creatures to bring peace back to Earth.

The game features a faster-paced action-adventure that brought new mechanics like sprinting, double jumping, and mantling. It is emphasized that you must use your speed to outrun demons and slay them, as you'd quickly be razed into oblivion if you were to stay still. The planet's weaker gravity has also become part of the mechanic, allowing you to jump greater heights and traverse faster in your quest to slay every single demon that you come across with.

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