Could the Travis Scott x Fortnite Skins Point Out the In-Game Concert is Happening Soon? Check Out the New Glider!

Could the Travis Scott x Fortnite Skins Point Out the In-Game Concert is Happening Soon? Check Out the New Glider!
Could the Travis Scott x Fortnite Skins Point Out the In-Game Concert is Happening Soon? Check Out the New Glider! Photo : Screenshot From Happy Power @HappyPower Twitter Page

Rumor! Rumor! Rumor! There have been a lot of rumors circulating the possible Travis Scott x Fortnite in-game concert that should take place indefinitely and is rumored to be much bigger than the other concerts. The rumor also suggests that this possible concert could even be a much bigger production compared to the previous Marshmello concert!

It seems like Fortnite's live events have only gotten bigger and bigger and there's already high expectations for this possibly upcoming event ever since that first rocket launched some time long ago. This specific thing is sort of shaping up to become a big happening, with multiple shows, a huge purple orb descending from the sky itself, and even the usual arsenal of different challenges, rewards, and cosmetics!

Fortnite and its glory

Fortnite has been getting even more popular by the day as not only do they do a stellar job on providing really good gameplay to those gamers, they also provide huge pop culture influenced gimmicks like the recent introduction of Deadpool in the game or other previous happenings.

Aside from just shooting each other, Fortnite has been able to offer other forms of entertainment like fishing, building, and also those weird but pretty entertaining challenges like the recent one that wants you to salute Deadpool's pants! Marshmello has previously had an in-game concert and it was a huge success which should also be a benchmark should the Travis Scott x Fortnite concert actually happen!

Epic has actually already revealed a sneak peak of the cosmetics that players will be able to earn through different challenges even before the event, but Travis Scott himself has already given fans a preview of how he looks in the game!

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Travis Scott's leak on Fortnite

If you look even closer at the Tweet by Travis Scott, you'll be able to identify him and his skin itself on top of the glider! Also, if you're curious as to how to get yourself the glider, you'll actually be able to easily earn this just by showing up to any of the in-game concerts.


Although there has been quite a number of "real person: skins" in the game as of recent which probably started with the Ikonik skin some time way back and then even continued through a whole Icon series of the streamer's own skin that Epic has also been debuting recently.

There's also another tweet that suggests a rumored Travis Scott skin but is still labeled a rumor. If this skin were true and in fact the final output, fans would not have to worry since by the contents of this Tweet alone, it is quite clear that the skin looks pretty awesome!


Travis Scott has been vocal about his appreciation and his love for Fortnite and it seems like on top of his habits of playing the game itself, he might even have an in-game concert for fans!

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