[Breaking News] Poultry and Farm Products Fire Breaks in Licking County Ohio LIVE Now!!

[Breaking News] Poultry and Poultry Products Farm Fire Breaks in Licking County Ohio!
[Breaking News] Poultry and Poultry Products Farm Fire Breaks in Licking County Ohio! Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website

An apparent fire has recently broke out in Licking County located in Ohio and Crews are currently on the scene of a huge barn fire somewhere in Licking County. The fire has been causing heavy smoke that can be seen from the video and residents around the area are worried as to what is going on.

The Firefighters who are currently battling this fire have been dispatched over to Wesley Chapel Road NW some time just before 3:30am. An ambulance has already arrived on the scene and is currently waiting to treat any of the possible injured from the fire.

The online maps currently show the dispatched address to be located in Trillium Farms in Croton, Ohio, and is supposed to be a poultry and poultry products farm. Details as to how many animals and what type of animals are inside have not yet been confirmed.

The current situation

Firefighters are currently circulating the site and trying to find the perfect way to enter as well as finding the source of the fire. Finding the source of the fire is their top priority since this would allow them to immediately put out the strong fire that is slowly doing more damage.

If the fire breaks out, the damages could add up and additional structures could possibly be affected although there is still no current confirmation as to the other structures located around the area.

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Two different trucks which seem to look like either small fire trucks or even ambulances are currently on the scene and although there is still not much movement that can be seen, the smoke seems to be getting even bigger by the minute.

According to the Licking County 911 central, the fire is right now considered as an active situation and there are still no specific details as to the contents of the barn nor the damage that has been done. The focus of 911 right now is to put out the raging fire in hopes that it will not cause further damage to Licking County.

The series of different events

There has been a series of natural disasters that have occurred just this year all around the United States from tornados to flooding all the way to certain earthquakes. On top of that, the whole world is currently dealing with an ongoing pandemic that has already claimed more lives than these national disasters combined.

Citizens are always advised to stay safe and are also urged to stay indoors in hopes of minimizing the risk of infection from the virus. Citizens are told to stay at home and only go out when it is absolutely necessary.

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The ongoing fire

Right now, a fire truck has finally arrived on the scene and the citizens are currently waiting for updates as to the situation. The whole Licking County is now in shock and is staying vigilant to the situation.

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