New Hunger Games Prequel Finally Announced: Jennifer Lawrence No More?

New Hunger Games Prequel Finally Announced: Jennifer Lawrence No More?
New Hunger Games Prequel Finally Announced: Jennifer Lawrence No More? Photo : Screenshot From Movieclips Official YouTube Channel

It seems like The Hunger Games is actually getting a prequel! The long celebrated movie franchise has been a really powerful movie through the generation and was an adaptation of a book with the same name.

It has recently been announced that this franchise is getting a prequel since the whole story has already been concluded. Finally, the answer as to how things came to be will finally be revealed.

This prequel could be the key to understanding the whole movie as the prequel would be able to reveal certain reasons as to why some things started to happen pointing towards the setting where the whole Hunger Games took place.

CNN has reported a brief explanation of what fans might expect from this upcoming prequel. Although there are no other details as to when production begins and etc. this would still be a good start for The Hunger Games fans.

The new film on the way

The upcoming new film from "The Hunger Games" universe is said to be in works at no other than Lionsgate itself! The movie will actually be an adaptation of the well-known "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes," which is the upcoming "Hunger Games" prequel that is from author Suzanne Collins.

The book is set to be in a time during the tenth annual Hunger Games and revolves around a young 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow, who will later on be known as the ruthless ruler of Panem and in this particular film series, the character will be played by Donald Sutherland.

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The book is said to be released on May 19 while the final release date for the upcoming film adaptation has not yet been announced to fans yet. This upcoming "Hunger Games" film will actually be directed by the esteemed director Francis Lawrence who has been able to oversee the last three of the four previous films within the franchise and according to fans, has done a really good job.

The screenwriter Michael Arndt along with the producer Nina Jacobson are also said to be onboard the upcoming prequel putting together a powerful force of creative direction. The previous "The Hunger Games" films were released back then starting in 2012 and they were all revolving around a certain Katniss Everdeen which was played by Jennifer Lawrence.

There is still no confirmation as to her involvement in the sequel but it does seem highly unlikely due to the story taking place even before Katniss Everdeen was supposedly born.

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The Hunger Games concept

The hunger games revolves around a competition where teens from different districts are pitched together in a specific location then forced to kill each other in order to see who is the strongest one left. This film was actually not the first movie/series with this concept.

A lot of people have pointed the similarities to the old Japanese film called Battle Royale where they said the concept actually originated.

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