Google Search Now Knows What You Want To Watch Next on Your Android TV: How Does It Do That?

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During the continued lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, most, if not all, those that stay indoors have been streaming movies and series. For people like us, Google has released a handy new tool feature to make sure our viewing experience is the best we could get.

Most people nowadays rely heavily on google tool functions and assistance, such as Search, Mail, and Maps. Among all of its current products, Google has released one that will aid viewers to get the best out of their free time used to stream.

New viewing assistance

The brand new feature is designed to help you select which shows you would personally want to watch, but given the circumstances, have put off the opportunity for one reason or another. The process would help in reducing the number of backlogs most people have accumulated with their unseen shows.

It's a handy tool that eliminates the hassle brought by losing track of the shows you were planning on watching across all the streaming platforms you use. Also, letting you become worry-free from all the responsibilities of trying to look for a show to watch at any given time.

The new Watchlist feature on Google Search was announced on Wednesday within the announcement regarding the entertainment and unique features that are set to aid during this time of crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.

The massive online platform explained how even if you're already able to utilize Search by finding movie and tv recommendations, you can still benefit from Watchlist because it keeps track of what you're watching and what to watch next.

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Personalize your experience

The way it works is relatively simple, go to Google and search "what to watch', which will then prompt two choices; "Explore" and "Watchlist." The Watchlist option will let you start adding movies or shows to a master list, while the Explore option will present you with an array of selection of media from all streaming services.

You can even see information about the shows and add them to your running Watchlist with a single tap.

It also features a Provider button inside it that lets you pick which content providers will show you any recommendations for shows, movies, or content you might want to watch.

Google has also covered several aspects of our day-to-day viewing experience; for Android TV owners, a new row in YouTube called "COVID-19 News," "Free movies from YouTube" and several others to make it easier to narrow down what you want and some of the more critical content the site has to offer.

For Google Play, it will include new categories like "Stream the shows and movies you love," and even "Learn New Things," with plenty of others to make your viewing experience that much more personal and fulfilling.

The new helpful feature is now accessible on mobile and was one of Google's most anticipated reveals.

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