A Short Guide to Virtual Reality in 2020

A Short Guide to Virtual Reality in 2020
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Virtual Reality is an impressive piece of kit that is quickly being adopted by not just video game players around the world, but also those interested in experimenting with the software, and those integrating it into professional industries and businesses in productive ways.

Particularly now, during these uncertain times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people just want a bit of escapism, and to get out of their own four walls into a different world. Virtual Reality tech gives you the ability to make this happen, and the possibilities are endless. Check out this short and informative guide, giving you some more details on the best VR kit that you can currently get, some interesting uses of VR in different industries that you may not have thought of, and even some cheap VR alternatives if you just want to experience the tech for yourself.

The best VR you can buy in 2020

One of the best virtual reality units available at the moment is the Valve Index, game company Valve Software's flagship headset that only recently launched. The unit features high-fidelity and resolution displays that give you a crisp and sharp image, hand tracking so that you can interact with objects as you would in real life, and even beacons that scan the environment you're playing in, so that you don't bump into stuff when immersed. The flagship title that comes with these devices is Half-Life: Alyx, a revolutionary title that has been revered by critics as one of the best games of the year currently, an incredible feat for a game that is exclusively in virtual reality.

Remember, many of the best VR rigs that you can get at the moment also require a high-specification PC to go along with them and make them run smoothly, so if this isn't something that you have already, you're going to have to invest in that, too. If you're not sure whether or not your computer can support VR, then the best thing to do is to check the system requirements.

Did you know? Gaming isn't the only use for virtual reality, and in fact it's used in a variety of different ways. Examples include some surgeon training programmes, which use the technology in order to show what it's like at the operating table, and even property investment viewings (such as the ones provided by RWinvest) allowing those investing in real estate to look at their apartment or home from afar.

A cheaper alternative

Of course, in order to have the most immersive experience possible, the more expensive VR setups will be your best bet. However, that doesn't mean that you need to break the bank in order to have  a good experience with virtual reality. Many mobile phones can be docked into cheap shells that you can buy, or you could even print and make your own from cardboard if you want.

This of course isn't something that you can do at the moment while self-isolating, but when things have settled down a bit and gone back to normal, you might decide that you want to go to a 'VRcade' - a designated spot where you can go to play virtual reality without having to invest in the tech yourself, or finding space in your home to set it up. These places are growing in popularity around cities, and can be a fun place to go with friends if you want to experience something new and exciting.

Did you know?  - Many theme parks and rollercoaster rides around the world are experimenting with virtual reality, adding it into their current rides in order to take the thrills to the next level. One example is the Avatar - Flight of Passage ride at Disneyland Florida, which emulates the feeling of riding one of the creatures from the film.

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