Kingston Hyper X and Ducky's Computer Gaming Keyboard is Only 60% of the Regular Size: Would You Buy $110 Ducky One 2 Mini?

Kingston Hyper X and Ducky Collaborate to Bring Ultimate Computer Keyboard for Gaming: Would You Buy the %60 Sized $110 Ducky One 2 Mini?
Kingston Hyper X and Ducky Collaborate to Bring Ultimate Computer Keyboard for Gaming: Would You Buy the %60 Sized $110 Ducky One 2 Mini? Photo : Screenshot From randomfrankp Official YouTube Channel

Kingston Hyper X and Ducky have just recently announced a collaboration giving birth to a brand new collection. 

Both companies have worked together to create a mechanical keyboard called the Ducky One 2 Mini which is a limited-edition keyboard that utilizes the popular HyperX red linear switches that are housed by the one and only Ducky PBT double-shot seamless keycaps.

The upcoming keyboard is said to come with a compact feature, measuring only 60% of a regular keyboard's normal size. The whole keyboard costs $110 and only 3,700 units are going to be sold. If ever you want to get one for yourself, you might have to hurry up!

The product is said to launch on May 12 at 5 PM PT or 8 PM ET which is not too far from now but fans would still have to wait for a week.

What's new with Ducky One 2 Mini

According to a review, everything located in the right part of the "Enter" no longer exists, the top row functions have also been transferred to secondary inputs on the number keys.

This keyboard features Ducky's 2.0 Macro support alongside it, allowing users to customize six different macro profiles to the keyboard!

The keyboard also uses a detachable USB-C cable that is also why it is the perfect keyboard for traveling, small desks, and cramp spaces.

A few different color versions are also being offered with a Year of the Rat space bar and a keycap puller, both can be used to install brand new caps.

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The gaming keyboard market

The gaming keyboard market is actually pretty competitive with big brands like Razer making a killing in almost every single product they release.

The collaboration between Kingston Hyper X and Ducky allows them to further their stand in the competition with a more powerful collaboration.

Mini keyboards are not too big when it comes to PC build gamers but for those gamers who are fond of the on-the-go setup, these mini keyboards actually come at quite an advantage.

The whole gaming keyboard market is quite competitive and this means that companies have to be at the top of their game if they want to win the market over.

Due to the steep competition, collaboration is encouraged and these two companies are one of the first in line.

The work that both companies had put in to make the Ducky One 2 Mini is well received by the public as it resulted in quite an interesting product.

The new mini keyboard can be quite an interesting addition as laptops are getting even more powerful with leading brands like Alienware and RoG.

Now that gaming has become portable, keyboards are doing the same. The Ducky One 2 Mini is coming out next week, if you're interested in purchasing, you won't have to wait too long.

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