TikTok's New 'Pee Your Pants' Challenge is an Actual Thing! 2 Billion Downloads and Counting

TikTok's New 'Pee Your Pants' Challenge is an Actual Thing! 2 Billion Downloads and Counting
TikTok's New 'Pee Your Pants' Challenge is an Actual Thing! 2 Billion Downloads and Counting Photo : Screenshot From Jackson - @ebaumsworld @hugeplateofk8 YouTube Channel

TikTok's new trend called the "pee your pants" challenge is an actual thing! This trend started off as a reenactment of a certain scene from Billy Madison which is a film that starred Adam Sandler.

The trend reportedly originated from a certain Liam Weyer last April 21 and ever since then, the #peeyourpantschallenge has already generated millions of views with other users actually recreating this original action.

When interviewed by the Insider, Weyer then explained that the challenge was first created as a sort of parody mocking the other viral challenges on the internet.

The challenge was supposed to point out how pointless challenges on TikTok have actually become but instead, his mocking challenge became viral as well!

Aside from just TikTok, the challenge has started to catch a following on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The "pee your pants" challenge is nothing like the previous "Carole Baskin" challenge where all people have to do is dress up and dance a couple of moves.

Instead, this challenge involves the participants actually urinating inside of their pants! Far from just dancing challenges, the reality of this challenge is shocking!


The app recently hit the 2 billion download mark meaning that out of all the challenges out there, this challenge has already gained significant popularity.

Source of the challenge

Back in 1995, a certain film called Billy Madison originated this challenge. The film starred Adam Sandler as Billy who was just an average Joe working through school.

A specific scene showed the class going on a field trip and at the end of the trip, Billy's friend named Ernie peed his pants!

The noble Billy decided that in order to save his friend from embarrassment, he then pretends to do the same while convincing the whole class to play along!

Although the film has a lot of memorable quotes, one that really sticks out is the line "if peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis."

Although the scene was just a brief part of the film, it was enough for others to remember even more so now that the challenge has been relived.

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Pee your pants challenge

The challenge is oftentimes done with a straight face and in front of a mirror where the one doing the challenge literally pees in their pants.

Now that a lot of people are stuck at home with nothing to do, the fact that a lot of people have done this challenge becomes less surprising.

Out of all the fun and silly challenges on TikTok, it is pretty intriguing as to why this specific challenge exists even though it is very unsanitary.

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The short challenge has become really popular as more and more people try it out. From boys and girls, you and old, there have been a lot of participants.

There are also still people who are strongly against this challenge posting with the same hashtag and explaining why they think the challenge is stupid.

The challenge received mixed reviews and a lot of people still do not know the main reason for this challenge.

According to Weyer, the challenge was made to mock those who fall for other challenges on TikTok.


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