Why Aren't Faces Symmetrical? TikTok Video Shows How Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington Look With a Perfectly Mirrored Face

By Urian , May 08, 2020 12:06 AM EDT
Why Aren't Faces Symmetrical? TikTok Video Shows How Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington, and Other Celebrities Look With a Perfectly Mirrored Face (Photo : Screenshot From FacialSymmetry YouTube Channel)

Why aren't faces symmetrical? Most people actually do not realize that the right side and left side of a human being's face is not symmetrical, to begin with.

Although both sides of a person's face may look symmetrical, this is still very unlikely. Studies have previously shown that people with the closest symmetrical faces are oftentimes considered attractive.

This is actually a study in relation to the golden ratio that has existed through history as the mathematical equation for beauty. Although perfect symmetry may seem like a beautiful concept, what happens when faces end up looking too symmetrical?

Just the previous week, a certain Dr. Dustin Portela, a respected Idaho dermatologist, shared a certain TikTok video where he demonstrated what stars just like Kim Kardashian, Brad Pit, Beyonce, and even Denzel Washington would look like with perfect symmetry.

The results were surprisingly unexpected as each individual celebrity looked quite different when only one side of the face was mirrored.

The celebrity's faces

Starting with Kim Kardashian, who is popular for her beauty, her brands, and also her publicity, the video showed half of her face replicated and it does not at all look like her.

Although the many similarities still do exist, pinpointing how her face differs is harder than expected. The only recognizable feature is that she looks broader.

Brad Pitt, on the other hand, looked nothing like himself! Aside from a more box-typed frame, it is hard to tell the difference from his actual face and the face seen in the TikTok video.

Although nothing really looks wrong, it is just extremely hard to tell that the image is one of Brad Pitt himself.

Denzel Washington actually gave interesting results. Aside from looking totally different, his facial structure also seemed to change.

The mirrored effect on one side of his face made a completely unrecognizable Denzel Washington and even stripped away a few of his key recognizable features.


The golden ratio and its historical influence

The golden ratio was actually a measurement favored by the Romans and the Greeks which was heavily seen in architecture, sculpture, and other forms of fixtures.

Mathematics was their basis for beauty and not just preference although preference still played a huge part.

The Romans were very keen on the usage of the golden ratio as a way to determine how some of their buildings should be built.

The historical remnants of ancient Rome that can be seen today are their proof of favoritism for the golden ratio.

Today, the golden ratio is still heavily applied even to modern architecture as a way for perfectly fitting certain details and elements together in a way that is physically pleasing.

When it comes to a human face, the golden ratio is said to be a better determination of beauty rather than symmetry.

According to Dr. Dustin Portela, "Even celebrities who we consider to be beautiful would look radically different if their faces were perfectly symmetrical,"

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