Watch! Young Boy Drives Toy Car Through Drive-Through with Dad as the Passenger

TikTok is a social media platform for many trending things and videos but a certain cute video has started to make headlines of a father and a son driving through a fast-food drive-through but this time, the father is the passenger!

You heard it correctly, it was actually the father in the passenger seat while the son drove his toy car through an actual drive-through. The father and son seemed to be minding their own business while the scene was captured by the car behind them.

The video shows a supportive father who appears to be teaching his son how to drive at an early age with the use of his toy car. The video shows the son reaching up to scan his father's credit card as an actual drive through transaction took place.

The video can be interpreted in so many ways and the original video has been reuploaded from TikTok to Facebook under Erika Christa's profile. The video has already gotten positive feedback along with 84,000 shares.

Driving at a young age

It is quite inevitable that driving is a necessary skill in this modern age especially if you live somewhere that requires you to travel from a far place to another. Although most people do not get to be on the road until they are much older, it seems like the kid got a head start!

The father in the video seems to play along with his son as his son drives through a drive-through at a certain fast-food chain. Although the reaction of the kid is not seen in the video, the whole clip makes for a happy scenario.

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The reaction to the video

A comment on the Facebook video shows a woman saying that "this is an option" and that she will grab her son and do the same. The thread also suggested that her husband actually agreed to take a video while driving behind them.

The video has also gained 19,000 mixed reactions of the heart and laughs emoji along with normal likes. The cute video has been shared around and one particular person even put in the caption "me as a father" showing how supportive that individual would be should this happen.

The video is a great clip to watch and shows just how some fathers out there are really spending time with their sons in unconventional creative ways.

The viral video

This viral video has started to gain attention and the amount of positive reaction the video has received has made it even more popular. Although the father and the son in the video are still unidentified, the scene is still pretty uplifting.

The video has been shared around Facebook and although there is still no word from the father and son, the viral video that originated from TikTok was able to brighten up a lot of people's days.

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