Hack: Why Buy a Laptop When You can Buy an Apple iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard Instead?

According to an article by Gizbot, tablets have been able to bridge the gap between smartphones and laptops since they were previously invented and an Apple iPad Pro is a perfect example. The need for certain features from the smartphone along with certain features from the laptop works together harmoniously with the iPad Pro.

Now, depending on your usage, you might actually need more of a tab rather than a laptop so here's the question, "Why buy a laptop when you can buy an Apple iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard instead?" with the evolution of technology, this may actually be more practical compared to buying a laptop itself.

The magic keyboard has been an interesting new addition to the world of tablets since this allows your device to function as more of a laptop than just a tablet. The external keyboard gives the laptop-like feel to typing in data instead of the touchscreen method. Of course, the touch screen is also a good feature of the iPad since you can easily select certain parts you want to select.

Here are the direct advantages of using an Apple iPad Pro and magic keyboard

The first noticeable benefit would be the portability of your tablet. The size and weight of the iPad Pro make it even more mobile compared to the laptop itself.

The battery life of a tablet is superior compared to the laptop. Generally, because of the simplified display of the tablet, the iPad Pro actually requires less battery which also adds to its portability if you are taking your work somewhere remote without an outlet.

One of the key important advantages that a tablet has is that it naturally has a better camera for video conferencing. Let's face it, it is really expensive to buy a laptop with a good camera or even have your camera upgraded.

It also seems like no matter how much effort you put in your laptop's camera, the results aren't too pleasing. The tab, on the other hand, has a great camera, to begin with, which makes the quality of video conferencing much better.

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The downside

Of course, if you are looking to work more complicated functions, you should not put your faith in the iPadOS since it is still very amateur compared to the Mac OS and other laptop's OS.

The laptop will still be superior when it comes to the operating system but if you do not require such a massive system capacity, the tablet might be the perfect gadget for you. The use of a magic keyboard also bridges the gap between the laptop's functionality and the tablet's portability.

Technology is really important in the workplace. In fact, in this modern age, work cannot go hand in hand without the particular use of technology. If you find yourself in need of a tablet, the Apple iPad Pro is a great choice.

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