Halo 2: Anniversary Goes Live On PC! Here's What To Expect With The Next Part Of The Master Chief Collection

After almost a week from 343 Industries' announced the release date for Halo 2: Anniversary that will be coming to PC May 12. The game will be available on both Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC and is the next step in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection series.

Fans have been eager to try out the game since its announcement where they'll either make it successfully or get shredded by sniper Jackals as the launch update goes live.

An exciting announcement

The community manager for 343 Industries revealed the launch times on Twitter, and according to John Junyszek, the game will be open for playing at 11 p.m. EST which would seem a little bit late for most people.

Junyszek stated, however, that the launch time is due to the sheer amount of bandwidth concerns terrorizing the world right now. He also posted the schedules for other countries on Twitter.

The initial beta test for the game started on April 17, and approximately three weeks later, it was almost ready to be delivered to everyone else. The efforts were a galaxy beyond the previous Halo: Reach endeavour and fans are glad that the company and its partners have catered for PC Halo enthusiasts.

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Issues to be wary of

With the game's release, there are sure to be some technical issues that come with, and players will have to be careful not to be victimized by these occurrences. The game's publisher released a list of the known issues that could plague the gaming experience. Listed below are some of the problems that are unique to PC users:

  • AMD users might have problems with missing or flickering textures in the campaign mode;
  • Large rectangular volumes may be seen on the Oracle mission if you have a Ryzen 5 and AMD GPU in use;
  • When using Classic graphics settings with an Nvidia GPU, several environmental LOD textures may not be seen;
  • During a higher field of view, textures will appear more frequently as the shortening of the LOD distance;
  • The Banshee hovercraft will be more sensitive to manoeuvre when utilizing a Mouse and Keyboard.

The Banshee issue might be more of an exploit than a glitch and might even lead to the vehicles being utilized much more. Other problems may be seen that are happening in both console and PC, and you can look at the entire list here.

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection consisted of several Halo games in the franchise's lineup. 343 Industries alongside other studios, developed the collection before being published by Xbox Game Studios.

Every game in the collection featured a graphical update along with remastered audio to its original release. Critics bashed the game for its mediocre multiplayer system that featured poor matchmaking experiences and frequent bugs, several of which were fixed during post-release patches.

The collection received plenty of positive reviews as it delivered what fans deemed to be an excellent gaming series all in one. While the technical issues hampered the overall gaming experience, the company tried its best to fix all problems that they could after the initial release.

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