Daily Briefing: PS5 New Features, Google Lens Computer Handwriting, and More

Daily Briefing: PS5 New Features, Google Lens Computer Handwriting, and More
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Here are some bits of information you might have missed today including Uber's plan to use its real-time ID Check to verify drivers wearing mask.

PS5 New Features

PS5 has not divulge much about the upcoming Play Station 5, but The Gamer has enumerated 5 new features to get excited about as follows:

DualSense Controller

A critical component of this feature is the built-in microphone, which is designed for players to still chat with friends even without headsets.

Solid State Drive

The SSD prpbably will get a (5.5GB/sec) boost in internal data transference, which could translate to faster loading screens, shorter patch updates, ultra-high-speed streaming, etc.

Backwards Compatibility

Most PS4 games will be available, specifically the top 100 most-played PS4 games.

3D Audio

The 3D audio will take into account data generated from more than 100 users, focusing on their most optimal audio feedback settings, then singnificantly narrowing it down to five basic profiles.

4K Blu-Ray

This will allow for the viewing pleasure of 4K movies, aside from "100GB optical disks" for physical PS5 games.

Google Lens Computer HandWriting

Google has launched software that can scan handwriting and turn it into pieces of digital text.
Users simply have to copy the text and paste it into a document to complete the transition to screen.

Here's how it works

Uber Real-time ID Check to Verify Drivers Wearing Mask

TechCrunch reported that Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wants to use the ride-hailing app's selfie technology "to make sure that the driver is wearing a mask where appropriate."

The technology was introduced in 2016 was a safety feature that requires drivers to take a selfie with the Uber app

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