UAE Tech Among the 10 Most Advanced in the World: Strategies and Benefits Explained

By Staff Reporter , May 12, 2020 10:51 PM EDT
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There's no denying that technology is the sector of the future. Each useful invention can become an integral part of improving everyday life, if not the world. So countries around the globe strive to embrace the existing wonders of the tech industry and create some life-changing solutions of their own.

At the same time, becoming a technological powerhouse enhances a country's visibility and prospects. According to Global Finance, the United Arab Emirates was recently ranked 8th in the world tech race. Its score of 3.59 was based on four factors: internet, smartphone and LTE users, as well as the country's overall tech knowledge and ability to innovate.

It was only a few years ago that the UAE pushed for greater tech investment, and this news makes it all worthwhile. Here are three reasons why.

Popular Destination

A high status draws the interest of tourists, expats and locals alike. It's not just about the attraction of UAE-based technology, but also better employment for those with the right skills. As more and more people specialize in things like graphic design, cybersecurity and software engineering, this country is increasingly considered a great place to start a new life. Sharjah, for example, is among the UAE's technological hubs, where a one-bedroom apartment worth AED 28,000 can be quickly snatched up on property portal Bayut by someone wanting to make the most of the local tech industry - a fittingly tech-forward solution for a techie.

Improved Living

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park is the city's key technological feature that goes on to influence the whole country's progress. The center focuses on six research areas, including digitization, water technology and renewable energy. Together, they form a vast framework to benefit every aspect of modern life, from basic needs to advanced luxuries. The UAE already enjoys upgrades to healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing thanks to the Park's experts. This is a testament to how much of a difference a single dedicated institution can make - not to mention a career within its forward-thinking walls.

Encouraging Innovation

UAE Tech Among the 10 Most Advanced in the World: Strategies and Benefits Explained
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Alongside already established institutions, the UAE's sights are still on the horizon, looking for new ways to improve the country's standing and contributions to the world's technologies. GITEX Global is a great example of the efforts being made to encourage innovation. The annual event is set to celebrate its 40th anniversary from September 27 to October 1 in Dubai. Leading brands like Lenovo, Cisco, Kaspersky and Manage Engine are among the World Trade Center's 4,500+ exhibitors, offering exciting new ideas within smart technology, AI, cybersecurity and other sectors. However this event takes place, such occasions promote progress - but also discussions about the many positive ways in which technology can shape our future.

Technological power leads to a variety of additional developments. The UAE's popularity, growth and quality of life are aspects that see the most improvement, channeling perks into even more areas. This booming chain effect is why the country continues to open itself to new tech opportunities and welcome the intense yet groundbreaking global competition.

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