New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May Disappoint With Weaker Features at Higher Price than iPhone 12

New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May Disappoint With Weaker Features But Significantly Higher Price than Entry-Level iPhone 12
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Aspiring to own Samsung Galaxy Note 20? Expect the android's design not supportive of a high refresh rate display!

That's a revelation from Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants on Twitter who mentioned that rate display will only be limited to just 60Hz! This as the new android will be using Low Temperature PolySilicon (LTPS) displays.

Feature Revelations

According to Forbes, the panels can't differentiate their refresh rate efficiency and could cause problems to battery consumption. This is evident on Galaxy S20 phones where a humongous battery is required to balance it out.

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On the other hand, Young said that the Galaxy Note 20+ will use a Low Temperature Polysilicon Oxide (LTPO) panel that could support refresh rates from 1-120Hz. What this suggests is that the new flagship Note could support 120HZ while allowing you to slow the refresh right down when not needed to boost efficiency. This can be a significant advantage to Samsung's new android especially that spectators now cast doubt to 120Hz support for the iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features and Price

Other features that aspiring owners of the new phone from South Korea maker can expect include a big S Pen upgrade, new biometrics, and faster memory and storage.

In this regard, experts expect that the price for the new android could be set higher than any new-entry level iPhone 12. This holds as Samsung pushed prices for S20 series equipped with 5G too high.

Forbes said the entry-level Samsung Galaxy Note 20 seems to be 50% costlier than the new entry-level iPhone 12.

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