Jeff Bezos Could Become the World's First Trillionaire by 2026 Earning over $2,500 Per Second, Thanks to Coronavirus 

The first trillionaire in the world could actually be Jeff Bezos with speculations believing that in 2026, the billionaire would earn $2,500 in just a split second thanks to the coronavirus.

As the coronavirus rages on, more and more businesses plummet to the ground, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is getting even more money now in this health crisis than ever before.

Despite the pandemic, Bezos increased his fortune by 20% and has expanded it by $24 billion just this year alone. As of April 15, 2020, his net worth grew to a whopping $138B. Social distancing and other precautionary measures keep us from doing our usual daily activities; however, activities done online have been in their most rampant state.

Online shopping is one of the most successful businesses in this pandemic and, truthfully, Amazon is considered as one of the wealthiest companies in the world economy today because of its smart responses to this health crisis. According to Forbes, as of today, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a real-time net worth of $142.7 billion.

The 14.7% U.S. Unemployment Rate

Fresh graduates, unemployed individuals, and capable adolescents struggle to find means of income as their parents struggle to find income themselves. On April 2020, the U.S. has an unemployment rate of 14.7%; however, despite this tragic issue during this health crisis, billionaires all around the world are getting richer by the second.

The struggle to find income to survive during this pandemic is very much real and Amazon has devised up plans to help in resolving that issue. Amazon will be hiring approximately 100,000 workers so that they can keep up with the demands of their online shopping empire; thereby, helping to flatten the curve of the unemployment rate in the U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken up the majority of the first quarter of 2020 and Amazon's revenue went up to a total of $75.5 billion during this time.

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A Divorcee Trillionaire by 2026

Jeff Bezos's recent divorce with ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos has lost him a fortune of $38 billion. In accordance with Comparisun, Bezos is the first person to reach a net worth of $100 billion. Moreover, Bezos is potentially seen as the world's first trillionaire by 2026 despite losing a total of $38 billion directly from his fortune during his divorce.

Bezos's real-time net worth of $142.7 billion will increase even more on the days to come because of the efficiency of his online shopping empire. Who is not to say he will be a trillionaire by 2026? Bezos informed his stakeholders that Amazon focuses on the health and security of its workers and that they are grateful for all their hard work.

The success that Amazon is experiencing during this pandemic will not be taken for granted as Bezos plans to use the fortune made by Amazon to aid the company in its fight against the coronavirus. Amazon will be focusing on the health and security of its workers so that everyone in the corporation will be able to work both efficiently and in their most healthy state.

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