Final Fantasy XIV Guide: How to Reap New Rewards at Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt

By Krisana E. , May 19, 2020 12:11 AM EDT
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Final Fantasy XIV's Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt is back with exciting rewards! Unfortunately, this will only be ongoing for a very limited time or until the Patch 5.3 arrives. Are you familiar with Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt for Soldiery? Then expect The Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt for Law to work exactly the same.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: How to Reap Rewards at Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt

To obtain Irregular Tomestones of Law, you need to participate as a player in duties with the Moogle icon marking.

Some of the duties are The Sunken Temple of Qarn, The Orbonne Monastery, and The Praetorium.

Check out Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone's official website for the full list of the duties, including every item you can obtain during the limited-time event.

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Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Most coveted rare items from Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt for Law

Rare items that everyone looks forward to getting from Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt for Law include the Riding Maps covering all areas from A Realm Reborn, the Mameshiba Neckerchief, Reveling Kamuy Fife, and the Ixion Clarion.

You need to exchange Irregular Tomestones of Law at the Itinerant Moogle to claim these items.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Time-Limited Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt

Remember that Moogle Treasure Trove Hunt of Law will only be available until the arrival of Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 5.3 arrives. Fret not, as Naoki Yoshida, the game's producer, announced the delay of the patch last April. This means ample time to explore Irregular Tomestones of Law to participate in all duties mentioned above.

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