Skeptical Florida Rideshare Driver Who Called the Coronavirus ' A Fake Crisis' Now Infected Along With Wife

A skeptic Florida rideshare driver stating his skepticism on the global pandemic COVID-19 in Facebook has now contracted the coronavirus. MyStaleLine announced that a skeptic Florida rideshare driver has not contracted COVID-19 and is now in the hospital together with his wife, who is now in critical condition.

Before the couple was hospitalized, the skeptic Florida man Brian Hitchens did not wear a mask to prove his point of COVID-19 as a distraction by the government. He said in an interview that this global pandemic was thrown out by the government to distract the people from them trying something.

He created a Facebook post on May 13, 2020 stating all his concerns on the coronavirus. He mentioned in the Facebook post that, at first, he was skeptical of the global pandemic and just treated everyday like it was normal. He and his wife didn't wear masks going to work and thought that "it was being blown out proportion", referring to the COVID-19 health crisis.


COVID-19 fake crisis

He would hear the news on the spread of the coronavirus a lot when watching TV and didn't think much on the issue. A little over a month ago, he started to feel sick. He stopped working after that and stayed at home. Two days later, his wife started getting sick too. 

His wife went to the hospital to get herself checked whether she had the coronavirus or not. The result of the test came out positive and the hospital told Hitchens's wife to stay at home and quarantine herself. A few days after quarantining themselves in their home, the couple started to feel worse. 

Three weeks before the Facebook post was made, Hitchens decided to drive him and his wife to the hospital with the little energy he had and be admitted to the hospital. When they were admitted to the hospital, the hospital declared them positive. The couple went into the ICU right after that.

Brian Hitchens started to feel better after a few days in the hospital. His wife's condition, on the other hand, started to get worse and worse each day. His wife's condition was so bad that the doctors had to put her in sedation and use a ventilator on her to keep her oxygen levels right.

The struggle to fight COVID-19

Now, Brian Hitchens is still contracting COVID-19 but is feeling a lot better ever since the drive to the hospital. He also has pneumonia but, other than that, his health is improving. His wife, however, is still on sedation and using a ventilator. Hitchens revealed in the Facebook post that his wife is showing no signs of improving.

Hitchen is deeply saddened and filled with regret by the fact that he didn't follow the precautionary measures the government has set out for everyone during this global pandemic. He is, however, still hopeful of the fact that maybe, one day, his wife will get better and that the Lord will help her.

His Facebook post on the COVID-19 is centered on his experience with the coronavirus and is for the people who are still skeptical of this health crisis.

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