[Video] WWE's Undertaker Literally Freezes Himself at -240 Degrees as Part of His Preparation

A recent video on Facebook shows the WWE superstar Undertaker takes preparation for his fights to the extreme. The superstar has been one of the wrestlers on the show that has owned the spotlight for many years and their name alone brings nostalgia to many WWE fans. Except, Undertaker is actually one of the wrestlers still heavy in the game!

Over the years, the WWE had to let go of certain wrestlers as they pursued other careers like Dwayne Johnson previously known as The Rock who is now one of the most popular actors in Hollywood that starred in films like the internationally awed Fast and Furious franchise.

The Undertaker's real name is Mark William Callaway and is 55 years old. The wrestler has been involved in the WWE for a while and has been a solid name in the ring for the early 2000s with his signature look and intimidating aura.


The WWE Undertaker today

As expected with age, the Undertaker needs to put in the extra work in order to make sure that his body is still fit for the ring and one of these methods is stepping into a chamber that puts his body inside a -240 degree environment.

The clip is an extra clip from the Undertaker: The Last Ride which is a peek into how he tries his best to prepare for his fights despite being over 50. The superstar admits the struggle but also shows his determination in getting that "slight edge."

The actor admitted that he would do anything to keep his body healthy including acupuncture and even anything "voodoo" saying that he would do "anything at all." The 309 lb wrestler used to be one of the most fearsome faces to enter the arena bringing an aura of darkness and spookiness.

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The Undertaker treatment

According to the video, the superstar freezing his body allows the body to release endorphins from "surviving" to give his body the extra strength he needs in the ring. The process is quite unique and an addition to his insane training regimen but it is part of his preparation method for a fight.

The chamber tries to force all of the body to force blood all the way to surround the organs to make sure that they do not freeze which in turn is supposed to strengthen them and the results are "instantaneous" as described by the assistant in the video.

This peculiar therapy is made to promote oxygen circulation and keep the body in a stronger condition. The Undertaker said that the process helps him "fire on all cylinders" and that he is still unaware if there is long term damage to his body but the superstar says that he needs it for his training.

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