AMD Announces "Zen 3" Architecture to Hit AMD X470 and B450 on Reddit

AMD confirms that Zen 3 Architecture will support AMD Socket AM4. On May 7, 2020, according to AMD, AMD has plans to reinforce AMD Ryzen desktop core processors with Zen 3 Architecture.

Reddit post posted on May 19, 2020, under the community "u/AMDOfficial," confirmed that AMD would not support Zen 3 Architecture on the motherboards of the AMD 400 Series. This is because of the restrictions that are followed in SPI ROM capacities. These capacities are in almost all the motherboards of the AMD 400 Series.

AMD has received a lot of feedback regarding this issue and has decided to alter the strategy of their projects on the Zen 3 Architecture. AMD has decided that they will reinforce the next-gen AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors with Zen 3 Architecture due to the alternation of strategies.

AMD created a list of how this Zen 3 Architecture upgrade will work for people who have desktop/laptop devices that have next-gen AMD Ryzen core processors. 

The list consists of the following:


Motherboards that are of AMD X470 and B450 specifications in selected beta BOISes will be supported with Zen 3 Architecture.


BIOS updates that are non-mandatory will not accept support from many of the working AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors. This is to ensure that there is sufficient ROM space available on the desktop.

The BIOSes that were picked for beta purposes will allow one-way upgrades for AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors that have Zen 3 Architecture supported into them. Reverting to older BIOS versions will not be permitted.

BIOS downloads will only be offered to customers that have been verified to own AMD 400 Series desktops that have acquired new desktop processes supported by Zen 3 Architecture.

The availability of the BIOS updates will be sporadic. AMD is still working on fixing the issue, so the time will also depend on the availability of BIOS updates. Moreover, there is a possibility that BIOS updates may not be available at the same time desktop processors that include Zen 3 Achitecture are.

AMD Upgrades

This will be the final upgrade AMD will be utilizing for the motherboards of the AMD 400 Series Desktops. This is because AMD will be creating a new motherboard for CPUs that are to be created after the Zen 3-based desktop processors.

AMD endorses desktops that include AMD 500 Series Desktop Processors in their motherboards. They believe that desktops that include AMD 500 Series Desktop Processors in their motherboards exhibit the most quality of desktop performances and its various features.

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So far, these are all the plans on the Zen 3-based desktop processors, as mentioned by AMD. AMD will be updating their blog with new and more specific details regarding the AMD Zen 3-based desktop processors. 

According to the Reddit post, AMD will continue to support the AMD Socket AM4 until this year. AMD will be working hard for the next three years in utilizing their promised four Architectures throughout all their desktop devices.

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