British Company Skyrora Brings UK's First Rocket Test in 50 Years to a Success: Official Launch Set in 2021

Skyrora is a certain satellite launch company that is based in Scotland and hopes to finally be able to enter space exploration just like NASA, SpaceX, and other companies. They aim to finally send a rocket to space by 2021 after their recent success on a ground fire test.

The company was able to create a sort of mobile launch platform and was able to finish a full fire test of its own Skylark-L rocket in a span of just five days! This is the very first rocket from the UK in a span of 50 years!

The ground test was able to see the Skylark-L perform all sorts of launch actions while still restrained from being able to take off. The test was completed at a place called the Kildemorie Estate located in North Scotland.

Skyora actually says that the 11-meter rocket will be able to reach a height of 62 miles high where it is known that space officially begins. The rocket is said to be able to carry a 132lb payload when it is set to launch next year.

The recent testing that was done earlier this month was the first-ever vertical static fire test to be done on the Skylark-L of this massive magnitude in the entire UK ever since the previous Black Arrow Program that happened 50 years ago.

British Skylark Rockets

The certain British-manufactured Skylark-L rocket actually works as a bi-liquid propellant launcher and is the firm's very own first sub-orbital flight vehicle after the completion to launch from UK's own British spaceport.

The known Sutherland spaceport is also expected to be the very first in the entire UK to allow vertical take-offs to happen across the Melness Crofting Estate located in the Scottish highlands.

The Skylark-L is said to be powered by a unique combination of both Hydrogen Peroxide along with Kerosene which are pressure fed into the rocket's engine in order to launch it into space this coming spring of 2021.

In order to build-up to the whole static fire test, the rocket engine itself has also gone through three different hot fire tests right before being integrated into its own launch vehicles.

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The Skyrora rocket launch

Eventually, the company will be able to use their own Ecosene, which is equivalent to Kerosene fuel that is manufactured from unrecyclable plastic waste in order to make it more environmentally friendly.

Inside Skyrora's rocket suite, it actually aims to begin with launching sub-orbital rockets that move towards orbital rockets later on in 2023. This will help them launch certain satellites that are needed around Earth's low orbit.

Dr. Jack-James Marlow in charge of leading the company's operations of Skylark-L's static fire testing said that it is very complicated to oversell what was recently achieved with the test. The company is looking towards space launch in UK.

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