[PewDiePie] Felix is Now Ripped: What's His Secret

Redditor "u/egereilly" posted an OC flair that features a recent photo of PewDiePie. The image of PewDiePie shows Felix giving a thumbs-up sign with his right hand to the camera. Felix's upper body is the main subject of the picture. The image highlights Felix's exposed torso. Consequently, the caption of the Reddit post reads, "Dear Felix, We Want Workout Review. -A random 19yo". 

The caption suggests that Redditor "u/egereilly" is curious about PewDiePie's workout routine and wants PewDiePie to upload a video soon about his workout routine. Other Redditors expressed comments of shock towards the photo. A Redditor under the username "JelalVII" commented, "When I first saw this photo, I legit thought his face was Photoshopped to someone's body ."

A fellow Redditor "felixisredditboss" thought of the same thing as well but realized right after that the photo was not edited in any way because PewDiePie's signature tattoos were there on his body. According to "morhyn007," the image was posted on Marzia's (PewDiePie's girlfriend) Instagram account.

Working Out in the Midst of a Lockdown

The global pandemic has altered the daily lives of people everywhere on Earth. People are now experiencing lockdowns in their homes and only go out to buy food and medicine. Students now engage in online learning and are only receiving help from their teachers through online meeting platforms.

People also work from home and are only exploring the insides of their homes since big social gatherings are not permitted everywhere. Moreso, because of business idleness around the world, some companies were forced to cut off people from their workplaces.

Everyday Health is one of the online websites that feature articles on how to practice self-care in the midst of a lockdown. The article states that exercise is a great way to help maintain a healthy physical body. It also mentioned that with a healthy physical body, the mental health and emotional state would also improve.

Constantly moving around is also a way to help boost one's immune system. When a person moves around regularly, the movements will act as a form of exercise. Once a person maintains a healthy body, the person's immune system will be strengthened; thereby, giving them a lower risk of obtaining diseases and viruses, such as coronavirus.

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PewDiePie: The Ultimate Youtuber

Felix Kjellberg, more popularly known as PewDiePie, is a famous Swedish Youtuber with a worldwide community of loyal followers called "The Bro Army." The "bro fist bump" is a signature gesture by PewDiePie. He makes them at the end of his videos, and The Bro Army has recognized the gestures ever since.

PewDiePie posts Youtube videos almost every day in his Youtube account and recently, on average, have been receiving seven million views on his videos. Before he was world-famous, Felix was studying Industrial Economics and Technology Management at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Felix decided to drop out of university in 2011 and pursued his Youtube career.

When he pursued his Youtube career, the concept of a Youtube career was taboo, and his parents did not support Felix's decision to drop out and pursue being a Youtuber. Felix supported himself by working as a hot-dog vendor and selling his artworks. From there, his Youtube videos gained immense recognition and turned him into a celebrity in the Youtube industry.

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