Alyssa Milano is NOT the ONLY ONE Wearing a Crocheted Mask: Ex-Charmed Actress Speaks up Against Twitter Bashers

Alyssa Milano finally speaks up against bashers on Twitter who criticized her use of a crocheted mask which they deem 'un-safe'.

The ex-Charmed  Star on Mar 23 uploaded a photo of her and family inside a car. She captioned it "Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours!" as her two children and husband Dave Bugliara were all seen wearing face masks.

Milano nonetheless was seen in a crocheted one which immediately received negative comments from people tagging it 'not effective in stopping the novel coronavirus due to its wide knit and porous holes."

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Alyssa Milano response against Twitter Criticism

Milano was quick to defend that her crocheted face mask, that was actually made by her mom, has a carbon filter in it, saying ' "So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe." To prove her point, the actress also shared a screenshot showing the carbon filter she bought. Another commenter jumped onto the conversation to support Milano saying that crocheted masks are safe as long as carbon filters are placed inside them.

Milano is not the only one wearing a crocheted mask

ýrúrarí, an Icelandic artist, made various mouth-themed masks. Most notable is one full of tongues.


Mansha Friedrich, another artist also created several face masks with crocheted smiles or suns which she gave away to people. They come with exchangeable fabric inlays.

Stay tuned for more stories about Alyssa Milano's crocheted mask!

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