Sex and the City: The Annoying 'Kissing Noises' Nobody Would Forget

Sex and the City's Carrie is probably among the movie's most popular characters. Yet there are just some stuff she did that fans would probably never forget.

Among them is the unforgettable bed scene when she told Aiden that his 'kissing noises' are quite 'annoying'.

Redditor u/GingerIvy shared a clip of the scene which immediately sparked discussion in the social media while adding that 'Insufferable is the perfect way to describe Carrie!

Sex and the City: The Annoying Kissing Noises

S3:E11 Just when I thought Carrie couldn’t get worse, she tells Aiden his *kissing noises* are annoying. Then “she can’t breathe”! Calm down, sister! So DRAMATIC! When Aiden starts to leave suddenly she *loves* the kissing noises She’s the worst! Run, Aiden, RUN! from r/sexandthecity

One user commented 'It's a power move. She wanted to see how far she could push Aidan away and how quick he would get over it.'

Check here for the whole thread discussing the annoying 'kissing noises'.

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