The Basic Car Upgrades for Maximum Performance

By Eric Hamilton , May 27, 2020 03:25 PM EDT

You probably know of the adage that "when it comes to cars, less is more" about car decorations. This article is not about changing that perspective. It is all about giving you the best way to upgrade your car without appearing like a lost soul on an engine to hell. These upgrades look to improve car performance, safety, and durability. 

Here are some of the worthwhile car improvements to consider;

1. Tires

If you ever go basic on anything in your car, let it never be the tires. The tire is one of the most useful components of car performance. It would help if you had high-quality tires that have enough grip for stability. The casing should also be firmly fixed.

A well-serviced tire helps in improved balance, dynamics, and wheel response. It also ensures better braking response for safety and overall fuel economy. 

Tire issues like bursts are one of the leading causes of road accidents. That is why it is also a rule that you should never drive on any road without a fully functional spare tire.

Different cars come with distinctive tire needs. Talk to vivid racing when looking for your car tire needs. They are famous for wheel balancing and tire upgrades and maintenance.

2. Infotainment 

Vehicle entertainment is one of the most developing aspects of the motor industry. With over 85% of vehicles sold in 2019 having a touch screen panel, most car owners are moving towards sophisticated digital car entertainment.

Currently, the competition among the car manufacturers has intensified as they seek to outdoor each other on producing top-notch systems. That is not to say you don't have the space to improve your operations. The kind of system you have is what sets you apart from the other cars of the same models.

Invest in the high-quality systems that provide for a multi-modal interface for convenience. It should also provide an immersive experience. Take advantage of the top-notch inventions like the recognition, driver assistant, and smartphone services. 

3. The Braking System 

The more you use your braking system, the more it diminishes its braking power due to the reduction of the braking torque. The reduced deceleration forces and wheel locking is quite dangerous as you can hit anything when you intend to stop. You also use a lot of pressure when braking, which is quite tiresome. The braking capabilities also reduce due to the reduced brake cooling, causing brake fade. 

Some of the ways to improve your braking torque include increasing the braking disc radius and caliper piston area. Expanding the line pressure and friction coefficient between the pad and the rotor also goes a long way improving the braking torque. 

Brake fade, on the other hand, requires you to larger motors, vented rotors, and brake air ducts. Also, improve on your brake pad selection and use the red colored pad.

Remember, your braking system is as good as your wheels. No amount of braking system will be sufficient if your tires are not aligned. 

4. Air Intake Systems 

Any driver who understands the speed and car performance understand the engine's need for power and energy. That is where the need for a proper air intake system comes in. The system allows for air movement into the combustion chamber for filtration to remove dirt and other particles. 

There are several air filters systems to choose from in the market, depending on your budget and car type. Some of the common ones to consider are the open pod filter and the cotton gaze filter.

Choose a filter that allows for maximum air passage and does not require constant oiling. 

5. Exhaust Systems

Most car owners choose the exhaust systems depending on how it looks and sounds. While this is not too much off, it won't count when it comes to performance. You have to concentrate on the exhaust diameter if you are looking for the best exhaust for high-intensity car operations.

Look for a huge exhausted that allows the passage of gasses at high pressure.

Bottom Line

The need for top car performance is always work in progress. No matter how advanced a car is, you can continually improve it. Use these ideas for some of the essential improvements for your car's top performance.

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