[Guide] Minecraft Dungeons: How to Complete Secret Levels to Unlock Underhalls "The Diablo"

When playing Minecraft Dungeons, a player will encounter a progression of levels as he/she plays the game. Missions will level up a player's character and grant them new items and weapons, besides the materials surrounding him/her. It is not rare for a player not to do all the missions of a certain game. Sometimes, these missions are not needed for a player to progress through a game's story.

However, when playing Minecraft Dungeons, a player must be able to accomplish specific secret levels within Minecraft Dungeons. For every area a player completely passes through, a secret level is unlocked.These secret levels are not to be missed because of the rewards one can obtain when accomplishing them.

How to Unlock "The Diablo" in Minecraft Dungeons 

In the Highblock Halls of Minecraft Dungeons lies the secret level "Underhalls" or "The Diablo." To unlock the Underhalls or the Diablo, a player must complete the first level of Highblocks Hall.  From there, the player must find the first staircase. The general look of the first staircase is a big chandelier above the stars and two carpets laid out on the upper floor.

The player must descend to the base of that staircase and face a wall that has two shields sticking out of it. Next, the player must focus on interacting with the left shield. After that, the wall will then open and lead you to the map for the Underhalls or the Diablo secret level.

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Minecraft: In The Fiery Depths

Since the start of Minecraft's reign in the video game industry, the popularity of Minecraft has allowed its creators to broaden the Minecraft universe with several other versions of the game.

The original version of Minecraft is a creative/survival game in which a player can create his own world with the resources he/she finds in the environment he/she is in. Besides that, that player must be able to survive against the monsters and creatures that haunt the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Earth is another version of Minecraft. Minecraft Earth dives into reality and lets a player and his/her friends build whatever they want with the real-world environment that surrounds them.  Augmented reality plays a crucial role when playing Minecraft Earth. A player can bring his/her Minecraft creations into the real world and interact with them using his/her playing device.

Another version of Minecraft is Minecraft: Education Edition. The creators of Minecraft want their players to be educated with STEM subjects and lessons. Thus, this platform allows the players to explore the wonders of STEM learning and be resourceful with the materials that surround them in the Minecraft universe. Moreover, it educates the players about the concepts of energy and resourcefulness as they both play and learn using this platform.

Lastly, Minecraft Dungeons is Minecraft's new game in which players fight their way out of the fiery depths of the dungeons they are trapped in. This Minecraft game is the most interactive out of all the other games because of its adventurous and survivability feel to it.

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