Tesla Model 3 Now Reigns as the Top-Selling Car in California After Beating the Honda Civic

The Tesla Model 3 has finally outsold the popular and much cheaper Honda Civic and dethroning it as California's top-selling passenger car for Q1 of 2020. This is the first time that an electric car has ever become the top-selling car in California and most places around the world.

The internationally recognized California-based automaker has consistently been doing great in its hometown market, which also happens to actually be one of the largest automobile markets in the entire world.

In the first three months of the present year, Tesla has once again grown in Californa, according to the data collected from automobile registration which shows just how many cars the company has been pumping into the system.

This very week, the whole California New Car Dealers Association publicly released its Q1 report and showed the amazing Tesla Model 3 outselling the most famous Honda Civic becoming the number one top-selling passenger car in the entire state!

Tesla Model 3

The California New Car Dealers Association, otherwise known as the CNCDA, has actually classified the Tesla Model 3 as a vehicle that is "near-luxury" meaning the car is impressively on the good side of consumer's classifications.

The car has also beaten some of the top-selling vehicles that have remained on top over the years like the Honda Civic and the Toyota Camry. But as for the Model S and also the Model X, it seems like the electric vehicles are also performing quite well within their very own segment, but they are still not considered the top-selling vehicles anymore.

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Time of electric cars

Now that the world is environmentally more conscious, the time for electric cars has come as Elon Musk's Tesla leads the electric car market with not just efficient, affordable, but also luxury and fast cars. The company aims to compete not with other electric cars but with cars, in general, trying to match them with speed, price, and quality.

Tesla has been doing well recently and with the recent success with The Boring Company's tunnel, it seems like the company is moving one step closer towards Elon Musk's goal of better and more efficient transportation.

Tesla has definitely been seeping itself into the heart of mainstream media with celebrities, environment-conscious individuals, and ordinary civilians all buying Teslas due to its efficiency and usefulness.

The pandemic has hindered the company's success this quarter but so is true with the whole automotive industry as well. Elon Musk has been getting heat for opening Tesla factories and allegedly threatening workers to show up despite the pandemic.

Tesla has also given Elon Musk $700 million as his first one out of 12 performance-based payday. Although the billionaire owns a great amount of stock, he has agreed to the performance-based payday. Tesla is now the number one top-selling car in California!

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