Who Do You Think is the Highest-Paid Coach on The Voice Australia Receiving as Much as $2M? It's Not Who You Think!

The Voice Australia is easily one of the most important shows ever to air Channel Nine's schedule. Due to the fact that this show has been deemed as one of the most popular TV shows in Australia, it should not be surprising that the network actually spent $5 million on just the coaches' salaries by itself this year!

According to the New Ideo on Monday, they have identified the highest-paid judge taking home an impressive $2,000,000 which is 2/5ths of the entire budget allocation for the judges and is eight times the lowest-paid judge is taking home!

It was found out that the highest-paid judge of The Voice Australia was actually Delta Goodrem receiving the impressive $2,000,000 from the total $5,000,000 allocation! She most likely commands this impressive figure because of her lengthy tenure on the show, having been able to appear in an impressive eight out of the nine seasons.

Guy Sebastian comes in second taking home an also impressive $750,000 which is still less than half of what Delta Goodrem makes from the show. Other international judges like Boy George and Kelly Rowland also reportedly get paid 500,000 plus their expenses which means their accommodation along with the first-class flights.

How much do the judges get paid?

Delta Goodrem gets paid $2,000,000

Guy Sebastian gets paid $750,000

Kelly Rowland gets paid $500,000

Boy George gets paid $500,000

Renee Bargh gets paid $250,000

And Darren McMullen also gets paid $250,000

Kelly is said to reside at a certain five-star hotel located in Sydney's own eastern suburbs when filming, while Boy George resides at an impressive $27,000-per-month mansion located in Centennial Park. Both George and Kelly have been coaches ever since 2017.

Both Darren McMullan and Renee Bargh, the hosts of the show, are also said to be receiving about $250,000 each while their accommodations in Sidney are also being taken care of by the network itself.

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Pay cuts?

Just last month, the New Idea reported that certain staff working on The Voice might be forced to actually take pay cuts during the whole coronavirus pandemic. In response, Guy Sebastian has denied the reports telling both The Kyle and Jackie O Show that there are no pay cuts happening that he knows of.

The Voice Australia is currently in its ninth season and has been the reigning show on Channel Nine for the past decade. Just last month, the singing competition premiered to an outstanding 1.01 million metro viewers, equaling its own 2019 premier.

The pay cuts have not yet been officially confirmed by The Voice Australia but Guy Sebastian's statement does not give a definitive answer as to whether or not they will happen in the future. With the ongoing pandemic and the general public struggling with jobs, and enough money to go to school, it can only be hoped that The Voice Australia does not cut the payment of their regular staff.

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