Don't Know How To Screen Share On Zoom With An iPhone Or iPad? Here's How!

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like everyone is using Zoom. Everybody is using Zoom since it's simple to use and not difficult to set up. Its popularity might also come from how Zoom might be the next platform for start-ups to grow their businesses into becoming worth billions.

There are many reasons people use Zoom.  A prominent reason everyone is using it is that people can use it on many platforms.

On a select few platforms, there are a few features that could be more difficult to set up than other features. One of these complicated features is the screen sharing feature on iOS platforms.

How To Enable Screen Sharing On An iOS Device

It's a difficult feature to set up if you're not literate with how iOS works, but once you get it, it'll seem like it's an easy feature to set up. So, here's how iOS users can enable screen sharing on their devices.

First, add the screen recording feature to your device's Control Center. It would be best if you did this before you get into a meeting.

To add screen recording to your device's Control Center, you'll need to head to your device's Settings. Once you're in your device's Settings, go to the Control Center settings and find Customize Controls.

Once you're on the Customize Controls menu, find the option that says Screen Recording and press on the plus sign next to the option.

When you do that, your screen sharing feature will be added to the Control Center. This process means that you are now ready to share your device's screen.

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How To Share Your Device's Screen While In A Zoom Meeting

If you're in a Zoom meeting and want to share your screen, select the option that says Share Screen and then choose Screen. If you haven't tried selecting this option before, then Zoom will show you how to do the process taught above. But since you've already gone through it, you can skip the tutorial.

The next step for you to do is to get the Control Center up. The process to access it depends on the version of iOS your device is running.

If your device is using iOS 11, swipe your finger up from the bottom of the device's screen. Meanwhile, for devices running iOS 12 or above, you have to swipe your finger down from the screen's top right.

When you have the Control Center on your screen, press and keep your finger on the Screen Recorder icon for a while until a pop-up appears, it will offer a few options, select Zoom and then press Start Broadcast.

When you start your broadcast, you'll get a 3-second countdown. The countdown gives you time to close or hide unnecessary stuff from your screen or cancel your screen share broadcast.

Once the countdown finishes, your screen will be shared with whoever is in the Zoom meeting. So ensure that you don't have anything private or confidential on your screen when your screen starts broadcasting.

If you want to share the audio your device is outputting, all you have to do is press Share Device Audio.

When you want to end your broadcast, all you have to do is press Stop Share then press Stop.

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