[Spoiler] Batwoman Kate Kane Character Steals Milk and Could Not Kill with Own Bare Hands: Now Deleted Reddit Leak Says

By Urian , Jun 02, 2020 10:06 PM EDT

Spoiler alert! A post on reddit that has now been deleted reveals that Ruby Rose is actually leaving the Batwoman cape behind and Kate Kane will be stepping back in to assume the role. According to an article by EW, there won't actually be a new face under the whole cowl when Batwoman will be returning next year, in fact, there will actually be an entirely new character. 

EW has actually learned that Batwoman is not just going to simply recast Kate Kane, the role that was recently left by Ruby Rose at the end of the first season. The CW drama is going to introduce a whole new character by the name of Ryan Wilder who will be taking up the Batwoman's mantle.

Casting notice

According to a certain notice that was reposted on Reddit that actually encouraged certain LGBTQ performers to participate in the audition, a certain Ryan Wilder, is a female that is in her mid-late 20s and on the complete opposite of the known Kate Kane. According to the document, she was likable, a little goofy, messy, and also untamed.

The documents said that with no individual keeping her life on track, Ryan spent a few of her earlier years as a certain d**g-runner, trying to dodge the GCPD, and also masking her pain with her bad habits. As of today, the reformed and sober Ryan lives in a simple van with her plant.

She is apparently a girl who would, in fact, steal milk from a certain alley cat and could even kill you with her own bare hands. Ryan is also the most dangerous type of fighter who is highly skilled and even wildly disciplined. She is also an out lesbian, athletic, passionate, raw, fallible, and most important of all, she is not the average stereotypical all-American hero.

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The show's decision

While the current show's decision is to move on towards a new character instead of just recasting Kate Kane is quite surprising (but also not as surprising as Ruby Rose's departure), it's also far from the worst-case scenario, this is especially because it actually reflects one of the all-time fundamental aspects of the entire DC Comics mythology: legacy.

Through the pages of DC Comics, the heroic mantles are actually often passed on between multiple people because of what the Bat symbol or the Superman's logo symbolizes is quite usually more important than the actual people that were underneath the mask.

Viewers will be able to see the Bat family along with the Flash Family, and even Wonder Woman herself. For example, even Dick Grayson became Batman himself when Bruce Wayne suddenly disappeared after the whole Final Crisis, and even Wally West has graduated from Kid Flash to the well known Flash after Barry Allen's untimely death in the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

In fact, Batwoman has already tapped into this during season 1 when Kate suddenly returned to Gotham and then threw on the Batman suit in Bruce Wayne's own absence.

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