[BIG REVEAL] The Director of Wonder Woman 1984 Turned Down Directing The Justice League, But Why Did She?

By Jared N. , Jun 03, 2020 04:07 AM EDT

If you're a fan of DC movies, then when 2020 started, you were most likely looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984. Many DC fans were anticipating it after the film was announced a few years ago, as it was the next project in the DC Extended Universe.

Fans have now discovered that Patty Jenkins, director of both modern Wonder Woman movies, turned down the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to direct a Justice League movie.

Are you wondering why Jenkins would turn down the chance to lead a Justice League movie? The answer is more straightforward than you think.

The DC Extended Universe Was Kept On Course Thanks To The Wonder Woman Movie

The DC Extended Universe had the Man of Steel movie kickstarting it. After they reintroduced Superman, there were two discordant movies that DC decided to release one after the other.

The two movies were Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. These movies were commercial hits, but most critics and some fans thought that the two films didn't meet their hopes and expectations for the DC Extended Universe.

In the summer of 2017, Wonder Woman was released for everyone to watch in theaters. The movie was set during the First World War.

It presented the origin story of Wonder Woman for the first time to audiences. Jenkins' movie was a hit with critics and regular audience members alike, which resulted in excellent results with the box office.

A few months later, the Justice League movie was a failure for many people. This failure was devastating for many people who were looking forward to the film.

The success of Wonder Woman wasn't because of fans warming up to the character. Jenkins' movie, Wonder Woman, was able to stand on its own as a separate movie from the other DC Extended Universe movies.

The setting in which the film took place was convenient, as it meant that they didn't have to worry about a shared universe since it was too far in the past.

But that is what Jenkins wants since she prefers to work that way.

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Why Doesn't Jenkins Want To Work With The DC Extended Universe?

Even if fans are in love with seeing their favorite superheroes teaming up to fight a common foe, Jenkins was never a fan of the premise. This aversion to the notion of a shared universe and such is why she turned down the offer to direct a Justice League movie.

Jenkins is a fan of comic books, but she gained her love for superheroes through movies. She aims to create the same spirit of the many films she used to watch back when she was a child.

The gist of it is Jenkins doesn't care about continuity, crossovers, and sharing a universe with other superheroes. There would've been too many characters in a Justice League movie, which she doesn't connect with at all.

An exclusive corner of the DC Extended Universe is what Jenkins is striving to create. The Wonder Woman franchise is what she needs thanks to its place in the timeline it has in the overall DC Extended Universe.

Jenkins not wanting to direct a Justice League movie doesn't mean it's the end, though. There are still going to be movies coming out of the DC Extended Universe and their many heroes and villains.

Unfortunately, the initial release date was postponed, but only by two months. It would be best if you looked forward to watching the movie this August 14.

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