[Fortnite Secret Pro Tip] Proximity Mine + Remote Explosive = Drone : Here's How to Properly Get it Done

Epic Games' hit video game Fortnite has seen its share of complex and clever tricks that exploit the game's mechanics. These tricks are something Fortnite developers never intended to work. There are tricks focused on proximity mines, ones focused on remote explosives, but what about both at the same time?

A small portion of Fortnite's tricks are small and they have not much practical use. But there are many tricks where players that know about them could use them to gain an advantage in the game.

The most recent exploit is slightly complex, but it isn't as useful as it could be since it requires some setup and good timing. So this trick is placed in the middle of useless and useful tricks.

The trick was shown off by a Reddit user named Slushyguy, where they made a post with a sort of tutorial video that showed how you could do the trick.

How To Do The Drone Trick Yourself

If you're interested in pulling this trick off yourself, you'll need some proximity mines and remote explosives. Follow the video below and build a wall. Next, throw a remote explosive onto the middle row of the wall, and throw a proximity mine on the top row.

How to make a drone from r/FortNiteBR

The next step is to edit the top and middle rows out, which will cause the remote explosive to fall onto the top side of the bottom row. The proximity mine will then land on the remote explosive. The process will fuse the proximity mine and remote explosives temporarily to create a drone.

The drone will start to fly forward in the direction that it was aimed at when thrown. It is now a stealth drone that is more difficult to hear and pick out in the sky than a rocket from a rocket launcher.

You can't operate the drone or control it at all. Well, you can, but you'd need to be stealthy and precise. The video shows the player building around the bomb to steer it, which has been shown to change the direction of the drone's movement.

However, if you tried building around your stealth drone, it wouldn't be much of a stealth drone. Attention will be drawn to the drone, which makes it susceptible to getting blasted out of the sky by enemies.

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Why Would Someone Make This Drone Anyways?

This trick has an advantage that is clear to see. But, you'd need to have enough materials and you have to be quick at building structures. Unlike a rocket that's bright and loud, this stealth drone is small and quiet. This trick is relatively new and unknown, so most players won't know what it is when they see it.

If you set up one of these drones and aim it towards an enemy structure, then it could be a sneaky way to destroy their structure without letting them know you're attacking them until it's too late.

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